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The Lower School Experience

Lower School helps girls become independent, self-assured students who love learning. Each day’s activities instill a sense of accomplishment as teachers help students build a foundation for the creative risk-taking so important to academic achievement.

Led by experienced, supportive teachers, classes in Lower School are full of exciting discoveries that make coming to school each morning a highly anticipated event. The academic program prepares students for a smooth transition to Middle School. The low student-to-teacher ratio helps ensure abundant classroom attention shaped to each student’s gifts and personality.

The curiosity, openness to discovery, and growing sense of personal identity kindled during the school day find added expression after class. Activities such as singing in chorus or matching wits over a chessboard encourage initiative and problem-solving, build resilience, and promote self-expression and teamwork – attributes fostered all the more by Hockaday’s all-girl setting. Girls can begin at an early age their life-long love of dance, violin, creative dramatics, science, athletics and much more.
Lower School Book
Teachers here truly care for and love our students. It’s key that they get to know each child and honor who she is while challenging her to grow – we must be ever mindful of the growth of each child’s character.
Hockaday’s Four Cornerstones of Character, Courtesy, Scholarship and Athletics are integrated into the every day curriculum of Lower School through the Cornerstone Studies program.

In the caring environment of Hockaday, a girl grows day by day in her learning, her respect for others and her surroundings, her independence, and the emotional security she needs to pursue her future with vigor and joy.

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