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Math Club Success

The US Math Club Coach, Jessica Chu reports that the Math Club did a phenomenal job on January 19 at the Metroplex Math Competition which was held at Parish Episcopal School. There were a number of school activities on the 19th and the club was only able to take eight students to the contest where other schools were bringing 15-25 students. The team took second place in the Sweepstakes awards and many students won individual awards.

Lydia Li - 1st Place Algebra II Closed
Vivian Zhou - 2nd Place Algebra II Closed
Mary Zhong - 2nd Place Algebra II Open
Casey Kim - 2nd Place Calculus Open
1st Place Team Competition (Jasmine Jin, Lydia Li, Vivian Zhou, Mary Zhong, Sarah Zhou, Casey Kim)

Hank Lee
1/27/2013 8:58 PM
Well done.
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