Centennial Celebration
Hockaday by Decade


Ashley H. Priddy Lower School is Completed
As a tribute to Life Trustee Ashley Priddy, the Lower School is named in his honor.

The impact of 9-11 on Hockaday
"I will never forget where I was, the reactions from friends, the tears, the horror. Teachers crying, students crying and shock! It didn’t seem real until I pulled out pictures from my trip to New York and watched the news to see what once stood and now what remains. The stories I remember the most are the ones of people who where the most fortunate. My friend’s brother who was late to work at the World Trade Center and saw the first plane hit. My friend’s dad whose meeting was postponed. I can’t begin to describe what the school was like. Mothers called and pulled their daughters out of school. Upper classmen went to their cars. Through this experience I do not let a day go by without telling my family I love them. Every disagreement is settled the same day, for I am not promised tomorrow. Each day is truly a blessing...” Margarett Coleman '01.

Liza Lee Academic Research Center Opens

"Since its opening during the first week of school in August, the Academic Research Center, also known as the ARC, has far exceeded student expectations and has even proven to be a little bit overwhelming. There seems to be two million of everything..." (by Monica Sanga '04, Fourcast,  September 2002)

Celebrating Title IX

Miss Hockaday ensured that athletics would always be a major part of the school when she made it one of the four cornerstones. On February 6, 2002 Hockaday celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Title IX.

This was a year of many celebrations from the completion of The Hill Family Fitness Center to the 90th Anniversary of The School. 

Hill Family Fitness Center 
This was a much-anticipated addition which brought new equipment and an updated fitness center to be utilized by both students and faculty.

Liza Lee Retires 
The affect of Ms. Liza Lee as a headmistress was one of respect and mutual admiration. It was a bitter-sweet time in Hockaday history when Ms. Liza Lee retired.

Gloria Steinem

No stranger to Hockaday, Gloria Steinem returns as a Hartman Fellow. Though her first visit was met with trepidation by parents and even some faculty her visit to the school was one that garnered a respected remembrance and an embrace and honoring of her accomplishments years later.

Jeanne P. Whitman is named the Eugene McDermott Headmistress

The Hoblitzelle Foundation gives $500,000 toward classroom renovation

ISAS 2004 Fine Arts Festival
The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest holds an annual Fine Arts Festival for schools belonging to the organization. In spring 2004 Hockaday hosted the event which included hundreds of students in grades 9-12. This program celebrates the talents and performances of each student, rather than a ranking- or completion-based approach.

Hockaday began the one-to-one laptop program for 6th grade-Form IV. 

Hockaday hosted 28 girls affected by Hurricane Katrina. The devastating affects of Hurricane Katrina were felt nationwide. In true Hockaday fashion, the School opened its doors to help girls from New Orleans.

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