Safety and Security

Our Commitment

The Hockaday Security Team continues to implement the best practices to protect the most important asset at Hockaday – OUR CHILDREN. The top priority of the Security Team will always be managing the accessibility to the Hockaday School.
The Hockaday Security Team consists of 14 members. The Team is very diverse with backgrounds in law enforcement, private security, medical, and military. The Team members continue to pursue their education and train monthly on topics to ensure that they are prepared for any crisis or event that may occur at the Hockaday School. An example of these courses: Crisis Negotiation for First Responders, Fire Safety, and Response, Control and Communication. The response of the Security Team during a crisis will determine the recovery process.

The Hockaday Security Team also works in conjunction with local law enforcement to provide additional Security during the school day. The local law enforcement work special events to ensure that the best practices are utilized in order to provide a secure environment. At Hockaday, the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and guests is paramount, and through our collective efforts, the School is a secure and optimal learning environment.

Safety and Security Team

List of 14 members.

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