Learning Support

Upper School

Learning Support

At the Upper School Level, Hockaday students may benefit from Learning Support in a variety of ways:
Assistance in time management, organization, study skills, test-taking strategies, balancing of workload or academic coaching.
Working with our Upper School Learning Specialist, student can benefit from:
  • Learning to manage time effectively in study and homework
  • Strengthening reading and writing skills
  • Learning to alleviate stress before a testing situation
  • Learning to organize notes and homework to enhance memory and comprehension
Transitional support for those new to Hockaday or moving from Middle School in managing new courses and increased expectations.
Together with the advisory, teachers, and other support personnel, we can help facilitate or coordinate assistance with:
  • Learning to manage the Hockaday 6-day rotational class schedule
  • Accessing and managing the digital platforms and programs used in classrooms
  • Understanding the Hockaday Upper School grading system
  • Understanding the Hockaday classroom expectations and benchmarks
Provision of academic accommodation plans for classroom use and standardized testing when a documented learning challenge exists. A student may receive accommodations within the Hockaday program to assist with equal access to learning if a documented challenge to learning is present. Documentation is required and must be provided before accommodations can be considered. Support for students with accommodations is provided according to student need.
  • Classroom Support
    Support and monitoring of accommodations provided through general classrooms
  • Standardized Testing
    College Board and ACT accommodation requests and proctored testing for qualified students 
Coordination and balance of workload for students experiencing an extended illness or injury
Together with the Hockaday Health Center, Learning Support manages student academic return as they physically recover from:
  • Concussion
  • Health Leaves
  • Extended illness or surgery
  • Major injury
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