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In the fall of 2008, the Hockaday faculty began a multi-month conversation to articulate what qualities and characteristics exemplify excellence on the part of a Hockaday faculty member. The resulting document, our Tenets of Faculty Excellence, is challenging yet inspiring, philosophical yet clear.

Hockaday teachers encourage and set high expectations not only for Hockaday students but also for each other. We recognize that mastery of all Tenets is a career-long process, one that Hockaday generously supports through a mentoring program for new faculty, professional development opportunities, tuition assistance and study grants, and other programs that support transformative learning on the part of teachers and, thus, our students.

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2017 Prentiss Grant Recipients

In 1999 Michael and Patricia Prentiss established a professional development endowment fund that was given in the names of their two daughters, Paige '92 and Kennedy '99. This generous gift that has become a part of Hockaday's Endowment Fund offers teachers the opportunity to enjoy summer travel experience and education. The Prentiss Grant is rotated amongst the three divisions.

Three Middle School teachers have been awarded the 2017 Prentiss Grant:

Allyson Williams will be travelling throughout Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary to study European Jewish Art and Architecture. Allyson has been teaching at Hockaday for sixteen years. She is passionate about this subject and looks forward to sharing her experiences with her students

Jennifer Stimpson will travel to the Galapagos Islands on an expedition with other science educators. Jennifer is excited to share her scientific adventure with her students and to weave what she will learn into her curriculum. Jennifer has been teaching at Hockaday for seven years.

Natalie Bravo will travel to Greece where she will study Innovation and Inventions of Greece. This trip has been a lifelong dream for Natalie and she is thrilled that she will be able to use what she learns on her travels to help to inspire girls to “dream big”. Natalie has been teaching at Hockaday for six years.

We are grateful for the generosity of the Prentiss Family and the possibilities it allows for our wonderful teachers.
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