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The Hockaday Advisory Programs begin in the fifth grade and continue throughout the Upper School years. The fundamental goals of the Middle and Upper School Advisory Programs are to ensure that each student has an adult who is present and involved in her academic and extracurricular life. In Upper School, this adult sees the student daily and ensures she is supported as she navigates her Hockaday career. 

The Advisory Programs provide students with a daily opportunity to unwind, connect with peers, and seek advice and guidance, when needed. Through these programs, each student on campus has an adult advocate upon whom she can rely for support and direction. Upper School students meet with their Advisory daily for twenty minutes. Members of both the faculty and staff serve as Advisors in the Upper School. Advisories in the Upper School, grouped by grade level, range from seven to ten students. 

Through the Advisory Programs, Upper School students develop meaningful relationships with peers in their grade level. Form I students and new students are assigned to an Advisory at the start of Upper School. In April, all Upper School students have the opportunity to put forth a request to change advisories for the following year.

Deliberate development of the whole child is also encouraged through two unique programs embedded into Advisory: Whole Girl in the Upper School and Cornerstones Studies in the Middle School. The Whole Girl Program, managed by the Upper School Counselor and facilitated by Advisors, is designed to give students the tools they need as they search for connection and purpose in their lives and face emotional and relational challenges. Advisors rely upon the trust established within their Advisory to facilitate meaningful conversations around these themes at designated times during the year. This program succeeds the Cornerstones Studies program in Middle School.
Through the Advisory Programs, students develop meaningful relationships with peers in their grade level.
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