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Honor Code

“I pledge to do justice to my community, to my peers, and to myself. I pledge to respect the trust invested in me as a Hockaday student acknowledging that my conduct in school will lay the foundation for a life-long commitment to integrity. When I turn in any assignment or assessment, I am claiming the work as my own whether the honor code is explicitly or implicitly expressed. As a student, I am obligated to consult a teacher if I am confused about my limitations for a particular assignment before submitting it. I understand that deceiving, plagiarizing, or cheating in any other form undermines my strength of character. If at any time I realize I have violated the honor code, I pledge to right the wrong I have committed.”
All members of the Hockaday community are assumed to be honorable. The purpose of the Honor Code is not to test honor, but to give each student a chance to enhance and demonstrate her own trustworthiness and to maintain character at Hockaday. Under the Code, students pledge not to disrupt the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect at Hockaday by taking unfair advantage of any other member of the Hockaday community. At the start of each year, all community members gather for an assembly where they recite and sign the Honor Code. Please see the Upper School Parent and Student Handbook for additional information on the Honor Code.
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