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"Being on the Student Council gave me the opportunity to grow, laugh, work, have fun, and make change with other student leaders who share a common belief in our community and a desire to leave it better than we found it. Learning about the passions and perspectives of all our student leaders has truly opened my eyes to the value of collaboration and diversity in the work we do, both as a Council and a School."
– Frances Burton (Class of 2016)

Upper School Executive Council

President (Form IV)
Vice President (Form IV)
Treasurer (Form III)
Secretary (Form II)
Parliamentarian (Form I)   

Form Councils

(Forms I, II, III, and IV elect their own Council members) 

Vice President

Student Boards (Board members include a Chair in Form IV and a Form Representative(s) in Forms I-IV)

List of 10 items.

  • Academic Council

    The Academic Council aims to promote academic pursuits beyond the classroom through events that celebrate student and faculty accomplishments and promote scholastic discourse.
  • Athletic Board

    The Athletic Board inspires a life-long love and appreciation of athletics by promoting school spirit and the Hockaday athletic program. Students on this Board plan and promote Hockaday’s SPC spirit rallies each year. 
  • Community Service Board

    The Community Service Board seeks to develop a sense of purpose and responsibility in Upper School students to contribute to the well-being of all in our community and to develop a lifelong commitment to service and advocacy. 
  • Convocations Board

    The Convocations Board organizes and oversees Upper School assemblies by inviting speakers to campus who are leaders in their field and who will serve as inspiring mentors to the student body. Students on the Board also pursue and promote additional opportunities that will benefit the learning experience at Hockaday outside of the classroom. 
  • Fine Arts Board

    The Fine Arts Board aims to provide all girls the opportunity to participate in and observe the arts by promoting art events and encouraging girls to experiment and develop themselves as artists. Students on this Board plan and host Coffeehouse, an event that has taken place more than 40 years and involves informal student performances, including music, poetry, and comedy. 
  • Honor Council

    The Honor Council seeks to integrate the Honor Code into all aspects of the Community. The mission of the Hockaday Honor Council is to educate the community on the values intrinsic to the character and courtesy cornerstones. The Honor Council aspires to keep integrity at the forefront of our culture, encouraging Hockaday girls to take pride in their own work and to form habits of doing the right thing even in the face of possible failure. 
  • House Council

    The House Council serves as the governing body of the boarding department as well as a liaison to the Upper School Student Council. The role of the House Council is to develop and foster the residence community, to serve as representatives who advocate the ideas and opinions of the resident students, and to serve as role models who exemplify the four cornerstones. 
  • Student Diversity Board

    The Student Diversity Board recognizes the diversity of Hockaday’s students and the perspectives they bring to a range of social issues in our society. Students on this Board aim to provide a safe environment to present and encourage discussions on topics related to multiculturalism so that students may gain knowledge, develop perspective, and promote a community that honors and respects diversity. Students on this Board plan and host Student Diversity Board Forums on a range of topics throughout the year.  
  • Student Relations Board/New Student Committee

    The Student Relations Board promotes unity between and across grades levels and encourages a smooth transition for new Upper School students. Students on this Board oversee the New Student Orientation program and the Big Sis/Little Sis Program for students in Forms I and IV. 
  • Technology Board

    The Technology Board serves as a liaison between the Technology Department and Upper School students, by developing innovative ways to integrate technology into all aspects of teaching and learning.  
"Being a member of Student Council has allowed me the opportunity to connect with my peers, learn how the administration works, and stay involved in a diversity of interests here at Hockaday. Not only have I created countless memories with the amazing girls I get to work and have fun with, but through Student Council I am empowered to bring about positive change and encouraged to share my ideas. Reflecting on everything I've learned and looking towards an increasingly hopeful future, I'm constantly reminded that choosing Hockaday was the best thing I could have done for myself."
– Paloma Renteria
(Class of 2018)
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