Health and Wellness

Athletics is more than a Cornerstone. The Hockaday School is committed to Physical Education and Health. Both Physical Education and Health are graduation requirements for Upper School students. Each student must complete four years of Physical Education including two semesters of Health. The following activities meet PE requirements: Upper School PE, Health, Athletics, Dance, Junior Flex, and Hockaday Alternative Athletics.
The Hockaday School Strength & Conditioning Program is an extension of the classroom by creating both a strong mind and body. Our Upper School PE and Athletic programs provide our students and our student-athletes with an opportunity to develop strength and confidence – both mental and physical – through fitness and competition.

The Sports Medicine Program provides students and student-athletes the resources to protect their health and safety and promote their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The Hill Family Fitness Center, located within The Penson Athletic Center, houses a variety of cardiovascular machines, weight machines, auxiliary equipment, racks, and free weights. The Strength & Conditioning classes and sessions for Upper School students and student-athletes are managed by the Director of Sport Performance and Medicine, Jeff Geier, and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Elia Stanfield as well as a staff of fitness trainers.

Classes offered include: USPE Strength & Conditioning, kickboxing, spin, yoga, boot camp, and personal fitness training during fitness center hours outside of Athletic Strength & Conditioning training sessions.
Hours*: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday
(*fitness center only open for Upper School students in Junior Flex program)
The Athletic Training Facility is located within The Penson Athletic Center. The facility is fully equipped with training tables, taping tables, electrical modalities, whirlpool tub, and ice machines. Director of Sport Performance and Medicine, Jeff Geier, manages the facility and oversees student athletic training staff. Student-athletes may schedule treatment during free periods and after school.
      Hours*: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm Monday-Friday and weekends depending on Hockaday Athletics schedule.(*subject to change)

"Athletics are a pivotal part of all our lives. Whether you are working out in the gym, playing games in PE, or competing during a game, the benefits of physical activity and exercise will carry you far beyond the playing field! Being a member of a team teaches skills necessary for a lifetime of success; working together, individual development, and shared moments of victory, all combine together to empower you to make a difference in the world."
- Meredith Jones, Athletics Board President
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