The Hockaday Residence Life Program is centered on the development of adolescent young women and preparing them for rewarding lives outside the classroom.  We encourage each girl to live out the ideals of the Cornerstones of Hockaday through our House Goals: Find Joy and Friendship, Act Responsibly, Gain Understanding and Lead with Purpose. 

As a boarding program, the development of a cohesive community is vital.  Self-discipline, consideration and courtesy towards others, the development and promotion of student strengths and talents, and high standards for behavior and community involvement are all key components of our program and are the expectation for all residents.

Balancing academics and extracurricular activities, while learning to live independently in a diverse community can be challenging. We guide residents daily as they navigate choices related to friendships, balancing work, extra-curricular activities and play, personal care and wellness, safety and personal security, and other age appropriate life skills for emerging young adults.

As residents progress through the year, they form unparalleled friendships, find strength in both their trials and triumphs, and grow in ways they never thought possible. 
"I love that everyone here is so easy to talk to. When I hear their stories, it encourages me to share my culture, and I gain a broader view of the world right here in my own 'home."
-Maria Zhang (Class of 2018)