Day in the Life

Honor Code Community

Boarding school life is both exciting and demanding. Our goal is to provide a safe, homelike environment for our residents. Dorm Parents assure good order in the day to day operations of the dorms. We believe it is equally important to acknowledge and reward residents for outstanding behavior as it is to correct poor behavior, thus we use an organization system for “merits” and “demerits.”
All Residence policies are guided by the School’s mission and philosophy statements and by the “House Goals” and mission of the Residence Life department. They set a universal standard of behavior for residents and are established for the safety and support of all. Staff members will respond to unacceptable behavior in a fair and consistent manner, just as a parent would at home. We focus on discussions around the “House Goals” and Cornerstones to help community members understand and take responsibility for their actions. We believe it is important to spend time in conversation to allow residents to learn from their mistakes and we assign consequences, when necessary.

We are a community built on trust, mutual respect and compassion. We ask that all members subject their views and actions to critical examination, accepting responsibility and working towards positive resolutions when conflict or concerns arise.
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