Day in the Life

Resident Leaders

We encourage residents to get involved in the life of the school and take advantage of leadership opportunities. The “House Council” is a student leadership group within the Residence Life Department and elected positions are for residents only and elected by residents during the spring semester. Executive officers include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Honor Council Rep, New Student Representative, and the Community Service Representative.

In Residence, we aim to find joy and friendship, act responsibly, gain understanding, and lead with purpose.

House Council Mission Statement

The House Council serves as the governing body of the boarding department as well as a liaison to the Upper School Student Council. The role of House Council is to help develop and foster an open and safe Residence community, to serve as representatives who advocate the ideas and opinions of residents to the Residence staff, and to serve as role models who exemplify the four cornerstones. By embodying the ideas put forth by Miss Ela Hockaday and the Residence House Goals of Find Joy and Friendship, Act Responsibly, Gain Understanding, and Lead with Purpose, the House Council strives to create an inclusive environment for all residents and provide leadership opportunities within the residential community.


Prefects are appointed senior leaders assigned to live with each hall and serve as role models for the community. Prefects seek out new students, assist them with their transition to Hockaday and unite the hallway. Prefects may also act as a peer counselor throughout the year, checking in daily on each of the residents on their hall. 
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