Your Home

The Residence Life Program, originally called the Home Department, was established by Ms. Hockaday in 1915.  Today we honor two of Ms. Hockaday’s treasured contemporaries and great visionaries of the Home Department, Ms. Miriam Morgan and Ms. Sarah Trent in the Schmitz Family Residence Hall with two dormitories named Morgan and Trent.

Your Room

Alumnae often return and lament how small their college dorm rooms are in comparison to the size of rooms in the Hockaday dormitories.  Rooms are shared by two girls and both have their own closets, dresser drawers, shelving units, desks and personal safes.

Campus Hangouts

There are many places to hang with friends on campus during the day and evening hours. Tarry House, a common living room for all day and boarding students has its own kitchen, dining area, and multiple living areas to relax and enjoy time outside of the classroom. If you are looking for a quiet place to study, you may prefer the small study nooks in the library. 
Each hall in the dormitories has a full kitchen, dining area, and living area for residents to enjoy in the evenings. Large flat screen televisions are available for residents to catch up on their favorite programs. Bridge lounges connect each floor and you will often find groups of girls studying together on the bridges each evening.
In addition, Hockaday has many outdoor locations to gather, study, rest, and enjoy the beautiful Texas sunshine throughout the year. We even have our own outdoor pool to enjoy during the warm summer, fall, and spring afternoons and weekends.


Each hall shares a newly renovated common bathroom with multiple private restrooms, shower stalls and bathroom sinks. Residents are provided cubbies to hold their personal items and each shower stall is equipped with a storage bench, towel hooks, and bath mats.


Hockaday dining will spoil you for college.  We are lucky to have chefs who focus on healthy options and offer a range of American favorites as well as international treats.  Residents are invited to share suggestions with the Dining Services staff on a regular basis. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, the School provides an assortment of snacks, cereals, and beverages on each hall for residents.  

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