Hockaday Parents' Association

Thank you, Hockaday Community, for coming together for Hang Ten Hockaday!

We rode the Daisy Wave and were inspired by stories of perseverance from the Hockaday Community and “Soul Surfer” Bethany Hamilton.
Hit ‘play’ on the video below and sing along with the Daisies, Emerald City Band, and Ms. Kessee, and we guarantee you’ll be inspired, too!


    • Sewell Raffle Drawing Winner

Congratulations to our Sewell Automotive Raffle Winners, 7th grade family Kristen and James Works!

Sewell is proud to support The Hockaday School by underwriting the cost of a vehicle to be raffled. All of the raffle proceeds will go to The Hockaday School. Win the raffle and select one vehicle from a choice of five luxury vehicles. MSRP of the vehicle is not to exceed $50,000. The winner was drawn on May 14, 2021. Winner need not be present to win. See official rules for details.

HPA Contacts

Holly Hook
HPA and Benefit Liaison

Heather Hays
HPA President

Malia Mitchell
Raffle Chair


Thank you to the following families for your underwriting support of Hang Ten Hockaday:

Ride the Wave - $2,500              
Kathy and Harlan Crow
Kathryn and Jim Francis
Abby and Michael Gregory
Haseena Enu and Randall Hulme
Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt
Hang Ten - $1,000                                     
Wasan and Kasim Alfalahi
Carla and Dylan Bolden
Yaoyao Lu and Matao Cao
Bethany and Robert Dow
Jan and Jeff Kramer
North Shore - $500                                    
Amsler and Don Bell
Audrey and Joel Bines
Tiffany and Mark Cuban
Alexis and Jim Damonte
Amy and Dahlem Dodson
Alli and Matt Eagan
Jessica and Doug Epperson
Marcia Schneider and Irfan Farukhi
Courtney and Michael Flanagan
Caroline and Drew Flanigan
Becca and Alex Fernandes
Landy and Alex Fox
Carol and Mark Goglia
Carla Foley and Kevin Hanz
Susan and Gregory Kozielec
Emily and Eric Madden
Regina and John McFarland
Ann and Mark Mennel
Priya and Sunny Patel
Mary and Ron Perrotta
Mary Ann and James Petrikas
Susan and Nelson Reyes
Betty and Brian Schultz
Mimi and Ben Slater
Sherri and Glenn Thurman

Thank you to the following groups for your in-kind support of Hang Ten Hockaday:
Chris L. Ivey - Video Producer
Emerald City Band
Emily Gray
Sewell Automotive Companies
Hunter Treadaway
Stacie and Anna Whitley

Special Occasions

As part of The Hockaday Parents’ Association 2020 Benefit, Special Occasions were sold as one-of-a-kind events hosted by Hockaday friends and families.

Last year, due to Covid-19, we had to postpone 4 Special Occasions. We hope to reschedule the following events:

  • Interior Design: POP In For Mom’s Night Out
  • The Art of the Match: Morning Tennis Clinic and Luncheon
  • The Art of Entertaining: High Tea with the Royal Chef
  • The Art of the Game: 9th Annual Father-Daughter Soccer

Thank you to the Hosts and those who purchased tickets to these events, and we hope to reschedule them as soon as it is safe to do so. Please contact the 2020 Special Occasions Chairs, Charlotte Hudson Carter '99 and Jennifer Tobin, with questions.
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