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Middle School


  • Draper, Sharon. Blended - Piano-prodigy Isabella, eleven, whose black father and white mother struggle to share custody, never feels whole, especially as racial tensions affect her school, her parents both become engaged, and she and her stepbrother are stopped by police.
  • Craft, Jerry. New Kid  - In this novel, Jordan Banks experiences culture shock when he enrolls at a new school. (Companion novel – Class Act by Jerry Craft – Drew Banks continues to adjust to Riverdale Academy and learns how to accept himself and others.)
  • Magoon, Kekla. Camo Girl - A biracial girl living in the suburbs of Las Vegas examines the friendships that grow out of, and despite, her race.
  • Mbalia, Kwame. Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky (series) - Seventh-grader Tristan Strong tumbles into the MidPass and, with allies John Henry and Brer Rabbit, must entice the god Anansi to come out of hiding and seal the hole Tristan accidentally ripped in the sky.
  • Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola. Two Naomis – The story of two girls, Naomi Marie and Naomi Edith, whose divorced parents begin dating and must find a way to work with each other--and maybe even join forces to find new ways to define family.
  • Reynolds, Jason. Ghost -  Ghost. Lu. Patina. Sunny. Four kids from wildly different backgrounds with personalities that are explosive when they clash. But they are also four kids chosen for an elite middle school track team -- a team that could qualify them for the Junior Olympics if they can get their acts together. They all have a lot to lose, but they also have a lot to prove, not only to each other, but to themselves.
  • Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Ghost Boys - After seventh-grader Jerome is shot by a white police officer, he observes the aftermath of his death and meets the ghosts of other fallen black boys including historical figure Emmett Till.
  • Watson, Renee. Some Places More Than Others - Amara visits her father's family in Harlem for her twelfth birthday, hoping to better understand her family and herself, but New York City is not what she expected.
  • Williams-Garcia, Rita. One Crazy Summer (series) - After travelling from Brooklyn to Oakland, California, to spend a month with the mother they barely know, Delphine and her two sisters discover that their mother, a dedicated poet, wants them to attend a nearby Black Panther summer camp. (“The Penderwicks meet the Black Panthers”.)
  • Woodson, Jacqueline. Harbor Me - When six students are chosen to participate in a weekly talk with no adults allowed, they discover that when they're together, it's safe to share the hopes and fears they have to hide from the rest of the world.

Teen Fiction

  • Chase, Paula. So Done - A memorably raw story about a complex friendship between two very different African American girls.
  •  Nelson, Vaunda. No Crystal Stair: A Documentary Novel of the Life and Work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem Bookseller  - In this work of historical fiction, Nelson tells the story of a man with a passion for knowledge and of a bookstore whose influence has become legendary.
  • Powell, Patricia Hruby. Loving vs. Virginia : A Documentary Novel of the Landmark Civil Rights Case - Written in blank verse, the story of Mildred Loving, an African American girl, and Richard Loving, a Caucasian boy, who challenge the Viriginia law forbidding interracial marriages in the 1950s.
  • Watson, Renee. Piecing Me Together - Tired of being singled out at her mostly-white private school as someone who needs support, high school junior Jade would rather participate in the school's amazing Study Abroad program than join Women to Women, a mentorship program for at-risk girls.
  • Williams, Alicia D. Genesis Begins Again - Thirteen-year-old Genesis tries again and again to lighten her black skin, thinking it is the root of her family's troubles, before discovering reasons to love herself as is.


  • Bausum, Ann. The March Against Fear:  The Last Great Walk of the Civil Rights
  • Movement and The Emergence of Black Power 
  • Bryan, Ashley. Freedom Over Me:  Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley Bryan
  • Dunbar, Erica Armstrong. Never Caught, the Story of Ona Judge:  George and Martha Washington’s Courageous Slave Who Dared to Run Away     
  • Eberhardt, Jennifer.  Biased:  Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes
  • What We See, Think, and Do
  • Jewell, Tiffany.  This Book is Anti-Racist:  20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do the Work
  • John, William. A Kid’s Book about Racism:  A Kid’s Book about Racism.  The Step-by-Step Guide to Everything You Need to Know
  • Lewis, John. March (3 volumes) - A graphic novel trilogy based on the life of civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis.
  • Oluo, Ijeoma. So You Want to Talk About Race
  • Reynold, Jason and Ibram X. Kendi. Stamped:  Racism, Antiracism, and You (adapted for young readers)
  • Staff of The Undefeated: The Fierce 44: Black Americans Who Shook Up the World
  • Steele, Claude. Whistling Vivaldi:  and Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us
  • Stevenson, Bryan. Just Mercy: Adapted for Young Adults: A True Story of the Fight for Justice

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