Institute for Social Impact

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship supports individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges while using business and collaborative strategies.
Social entrepreneurship awareness begins early at Hockaday and continues to develop as students design and implement business endeavors on their own.

Five Upper School students with basic coding or IT experience, but a passion for environmental issues, decided to create a group to enter a hacking competition to learn more on how they could positively impact the world. They entered the DFW EarthXHack, hosted by EARTHx, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring positive environmental change through expos, conferences, and films. The Hockaday students worked collaboratively to develop an app that would allow users to connect to use public transportation and increase safety, while reducing the carbon footprint for transportation. They then pitched the idea of “ROAMMATE” to the EarthXHack 18 panel of judges. Competing against 79 school teams, and one other high school team, the Hockaday team and their ROAMMATE app won first place beating college-level and higher teams. These students are now launching their idea into a business and hope to recruit more students to compete in this competition next year. To watch a video of their experience please click here.
The second grade designs re-usable bags to help solve the problem of environmental waste.  This year they are visiting a local bank to get a loan and begin their marketing campaign “buy a bag, save the river.”
Middle School students annually research and identifiy an organization with a need for resources and studies an organization and within 45 minutes raised over $8,000 to benefit Family Gateway in 2017.  The student council educates the students, and couples with raising money and giving back their time and commitment to the organization. 
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