Middle School Designer Daisies Win Edison Foundation Pitch

The Designer Daisies (Georgia Fuller, Grey Golman, Tarini Gupta, Shifa Irfan, Ashna Tambe) and the Hockabuilders (Anya Ahuja, Yanet Bisrat, Ai-Vy Ho, Anisha Puri, Stella Wrubel) pitched their prototypes live (through Zoom) to a panel of judges. The Designer Daisies won for their prototype, Easy Parking! Their project consisted of a device that contained an ultrasonic sensor and GPS module. This device can locate available parking spots and then sends the location of the spot to an app that they created. In the app, customers can pick a specialized spot (such as first floor near an elevator) and it sends the driver directions to the closest available spot. These girls won a 3D printer for our school as well as various other prizes.

The Hockabuilders came in second for their prototype, Dust-Be-Gone! Their project is a reusable air filter that has electrically charged plates that pull fine dust particles from the air. It also has a motorized wiper that cleans the dust off of the plate periodically. The Hockabuilders also won several prizes.

The Daisies of the Future (Sanika Agarwalla, Angelina Dong, Christina Dong, Maddy Oyakawa) won Best Humanitarian “Problem Solvers” for their incredible success in meeting this year’s Edison Pitch Contest challenge and inventing not only to improve technology, but to change the world.  Their project contains an advanced metal detector that uses the target identification number for lead to find old lead pipes underground. This detector would be placed on the bottom of government vehicles (such as mail delivery and police) as they drive specific routes around the city. Their mission is to prevent lead poisoning in places such as Flint, Michigan by detecting and removing these lethal pipes.
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