Strategic Plan

At Hockaday, we are firmly committed to the Four Cornerstones of Character, Courtesy, Scholarship, and Athletics, and collectively we are driven by our mission statement: Believing in the limitless potential of girls, Hockaday develops resilient, confident women who are educated and inspired to lead lives of purpose and impact. Miss Hockaday imagined and created a place for girls to learn, achieve, and find purpose, and we will work to carry her vision forward. We have set a strong course for Hockaday with input from the parents, alumnae, faculty, staff, students, and past parents who came together to share ideas about the ever-changing landscape of education, so that we might ensure that Hockaday remains a forward-thinking, relevant school for its students today and tomorrow.
In light of the thoughts and views from all of our key constituencies, the strategic planning process began early in 2014 and took two years. In April of that year, a group of individuals from all facets of the Hockaday community came together to discuss the School’s Core Values which represented Phase One of the development of Hockaday’s Strategic Plan for 2015–2020. The second phase began with Visioning Day 2020, which was held in January 2015 for the entire School community including faculty, staff, students, parents, alumnae, parents of former students, and trustees. During Visioning Day, participants shared their ideas, suggestions, expertise, creativity, and vision for the development of Hockaday’s 2015–2020 Strategic Plan.
Following Visioning Day 2020, the vision and goals proposed for the School were approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2015 after a year-long process that included input from nearly 500 members of the Hockaday community. The strategies, initiatives, and action plan align with the work done in 2014–2015 by the faculty, staff, and administration for the School’s Self-Study, part of the re-accreditation process with ISAS, Independent Schools of the Southwest. Together, the strategic plan and self-study provide a roadmap for the future of Hockaday that will allow us to focus on the priorities that ensure the School’s ability to live out our mission. With the announcement of the new mission statement, and with this refined direction and purpose, we now look to planning for the immediate future.
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