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The Dr. William B. Dean Service Learning Program

In addition to excelling in the classroom, Hockaday girls make a commitment to serving others and improving the community in which they live. From weekly tutoring at DISD schools, to building Habitat for Humanity homes, volunteer work for students covers a broad spectrum of needs and organizations. At Hockaday, The Dr. William B. Dean Service Learning Program is focused on community service and learning from these experiences outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to build meaningful relationships with organizations, understand the issues like hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence that they encounter in their volunteer work, and to reflect on the service they’re involved in and the impact they have on their community.

Program Goals

  • Foster empathy and an appreciation for a broad range of backgrounds and experiences
  • Develop the ability to communicate meaningfully and respectfully with all individuals
  • Promote service learning in all aspects of serving
  • Promote the breaking down of stereotypes and misconceptions
  • Provide the opportunity to do real work and develop real skills
  • Encourage students to step out of their traditional daily interactions
  • Create meaningful relationships and conversations with all communities in which we work
  • Instill a lifelong commitment to service and advocacy
  • Develop global citizens committed to the well-being of our planet and sustainability of global resources
  • Foster future leaders empowered to work towards social justice
    • Service Dogs and First Grade

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    Laura Day 

    Executive Director of the Institute for Social Impact; Director of the Dr. William B. Dean Service L
As part of The Dr. William B. Dean Service Learning Program, the Hockaday-St. Mark's community service program seeks to develop in our students a sense of purpose and responsibility to contribute to the well-being of all in our community.

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