Board Leadership

In 1959, Karl Hoblitzelle and his Foundation made a challenge gift to Hockaday of the several acres on which the campus is now situated. The gift was conditioned on the Trustees raising $1 million. This challenge was met. Hockaday’s buildings and athletic fields now cover approximately the western 60 acres of the donated land.

Board of Trustees


Kathryn Walker Francis ’94
    Chair of the Board
Shannon Saalfield Thompson ’89
    Vice Chair of the Board
Kathy Crow
    Executive Committee Chair
Rick J. O’Brien
Neelesh Mehendale
Barbara Glazer Rosenblatt ’75
    Immediate Past Chair


Mary Anne Alhadeff 
Helen Allen*
Samantha Ackerman Asch ’91 
Keith Benedict
Shonn Brown
Herbert W. Buford, Jr.
Peggy Cagle
David A. Campbell
John Donovan*
Courtney Newman Flanagan ’91 
Amanda Ginsberg ’88 
Rosalind Redfern Grover ’59
Ellen Haynes ’81
Heather Hays*
Ariana Viroslav Held ’87
Elizabeth Cullum Helfrich ’98
Angelica Marin Hill ’93
Arnold Holtberg
Rajani Kapu ’90
Jun Il Kwun*
Monty Montgomery
Lupe Mora-Duarte*
Isabell Novakov ’98*
Pam Hudnall Quarterman ’72
Carolyn Perot Rathjen ’86
David A. Roosevelt
Jennifer Sampson 
Betty Schultz
Nicole Ginsburg Small ’91
Michael Sorrell*
Candace Campbell Swango ’84
Jenna Brasch Woodberry ’82 

* Denotes new Trustee

Life Trustees

Linda Custard
Lyda Hill ’60
James M. Hoak, Jr.
Natalie “Schatzie” Henderson Lee ’55
Janie Strauss McGarr ’72
Paula Mosle
Edith Jones O’Donnell ’44
Margot Perot
Ellen Higginbotham Rogers ’59
Richard S. Rogoff
Barney T. Young
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