Alumnae Awards

Ela Hockaday Distinguished Alumna Award

Established in 2011, The Ela Hockaday Distinguished Alumna Award recognizes those alumnae who – by virtue of their vocations, visions, and passions – have a transformative effect on their communities, professions, and families. Presented at the Fall Alumnae Cocktail Party, the award complements the Alumnae Association’s highest honor, the Hockaday Medal.

Honorary Alum

An Honorary Alum is a member of the Hockaday community who has demonstrated true devotion to the School through his/her loyalty and support of Hockaday. An Honorary Alum consistently goes above and beyond expectations and exemplifies the Hockaday Cornerstones: Character, Courtesy, Scholarship, and Athletics. Any member of the Hockaday community – faculty, staff, Trustee, volunteer, or friend – is eligible for this award. He/she serves as a role model to the students and alumnae of Hockaday.

The Hockaday Medal

In 1977, the Hockaday Alumnae Association instituted the Hockaday Medal Award to honor former students of the School who have shown excellence in their chosen fields of endeavor and have demonstrated their loyalty and support of Hockaday. The Hockaday Medal Award recipient exemplifies the Hockaday Cornerstones: Character, Courtesy, Scholarship, and Athletics. She serves as a role model to the students and the alumnae of Hockaday as well as to all women as they strive to achieve their goals. This award is the highest honor the Alumnae Association may bestow upon an alumna.

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  • Ela Hockaday Distinguished Alumna Recipients

    Nicole Ginsburg Small ’91
    Catherine Baxter Sidamon-Eristoff ’82
    Blair Johnson Wylie ’90
    Amanda Ginsberg ’88
    Katherine Bliss ’86
    Angelica Marin Hill ’93
    Lisa Loeb ’86
    Amy Spence ’87
    Ivy Awino ’08
    Shanda Haley Blackmon '87

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  • Honorary Alum Recipients

    Mr. Edward M. Ackerman* 
    Ms. Constance Alexandre 
    Mrs. Barbara Allen 
    Mrs. Ruth Altshuler* 
    Mr. Herman Arent* 
    Mrs. Paulie Barr* 
    Mrs. Kitty Batterson* 
    Mrs. Jeanne Whitman Bobbitt 
    Mrs. Betty Boroughs* 
    Mrs. Cecil Garrard Bowlby* 
    Peggy and Richard Bradley 
    Mr. Kevin Brady 
    Miss Mary Evans Brown* 
    Dr. Terry Brown* 
    Mr. Stuart Bumpas 
    Mrs. Lisa Anastasi Camp 
    Mrs. Pat Coggan 
    Mrs. Marion Crume* 
    Mrs. Linda Custard 
    Mrs. Flake Daniels* 
    Ms. Laura Day 
    Mrs. Myrtle Dorsey* 
    Ms. Karen Drawz 
    Mrs. Sudie Duncan* 
    Mrs. Mary E. Reynolds Elder* 
    Mr. Ted Enloe 
    Dr. Barbara Fishel 
    Mrs. Peggy Florer* 
    Miss Bess Funk* 
    Mrs. Marcela Gerber 
    Mrs. Lydia Gillespie 
    Mrs. Jackie Girard 
    Miss Lillian Griffiths* 
    Ms. Diane Ferrell Glaser 
    Miss Marguerite Grow* 
    Mr. David J. Haemisegger 
    Mrs. Clarkie Harrison* 
    Ms. Linda Hankinson*           
    Barbara and Jim Hazlewood  
    Mrs. Carolyn Helfman            
    Mrs. Joseph L. Higginbotham*          
    Mrs. Mary Pat Higgins           
    Mr. James Hoak, Jr.    
    Mr. Karl Hoblitzelle*  
    Mrs. Carolyn Hoke     
    Mrs. Ola Holbrook*   
    Mr. Van Alen Hollomon*        
    Mr. Charles C. Huff*   
    Mr. J. Erik Jonsson*    
    Mrs. Dolly Kelton*     
    Mrs. Nola Kenning*
    Ms. Sabrina Kessee   
    Miss M. R. Kerr*         
    Mr. Robert Kaminski  
    Dr. Robert Kramer*    
    Mrs. Linda Kramer     
    Mr. Steve Kramer       
    Miss Louise Kribs*     
    Mrs. Jeanie Laube      
    Dr. Beverly Lawson     
    Liza and Will Lee        
    Miss Elda Leusley*     
    Mrs. Charlene Levering*        
    Mrs. Erna Lively*        
    Mr. Richard Lombardi 
    Mr. Ed Long    
    Mrs. Rosamond Loomis*       
    Mrs. Helen Lorenz*    
    Ms. Joyce Madkins     
    Mrs. Judy Mank         
    Mr. Stanley Marcus*  
    Mrs. Hazel McCormick*         
    Miss Beatrice McDermott*    
    Mrs. Margaret McDermott*  
    Mrs. Dorothy McFerran*       
    Miss Idanelle McMurry*        
    Dr. Neelesh Mehendale 
    Mrs. Marjorie Merritt* 
    Mr. Robert M. Merritt* 
    Mrs. Paula Mosle* 
    Mr. Hobart Mossman* 
    Miss Lucette Moulin* 
    Mrs. Nedra Niles* 
    Mrs. Robbie Oram* 
    Mr. Charles J. Paine* 
    Mr. Robert Patrizi 
    Mr. John G. Penson* 
    Mrs. Margot Perot 
    Mr. Ashley H. Priddy* 
    Mrs. Kathryn Priddy* 
    Miss Bernie Rea* 
    Miss Joyce Rainwater* 
    Mr. Rust E. Reid 
    Mrs. Anne Roe 
    Ms. Marion Rogers 
    Mr. Richard Rogoff* 
    Mrs. Shirley Rose* 
    Miss Berniece Ryan 
    Dr. Patricia Saxon 
    Mr. Wilson Schoellkopf, Jr.* 
    Mrs. Jill Skaggs* 
    Mrs. Calvin S. Smith 
    Mrs. Debby Hay Spradley* 
    Mrs. Becky Storey* 
    Mr. Paul Storey
    Mrs. Tymesia Smaw 
    Mr. Kieflab Tekle 
    Ms. Vickey Thumlert 
    Miss Bess Trent* 
    Miss Virginia Waldo* 
    Mr. Thomas Walker 
    Mrs. Claudette Wolfe 
    Ms. Beth Wortley 
    Mr. Barney Young* 

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  • The Hockaday Medal Recipients

    1977 Aylett Royall Cox ’32*
    1978 Genevieve Hudson ’23*
    1979 Mary Frances Cunningham Yancey ’31*
    1980 Harriet Olmsted Weber ’35*
    1981 Hortense Landauer Sanger ’28*
    1982 Lillian Ruth Price Powell ’30*
    1983 Frances Cabell Aronson ’34*
    1984 Carmen Miller Michael ’42*
    1985 Dorothy Harris Savage ’35*
    1986 Lyda Hunt Hill ’60
    1987 Nancy Penn Penson ’41*
    1988 Edna Kahn Flaxman ’35*
    1989 Anne Schoellkopf Coke ’50
    1990 Rita Crocker Clements ’49*
    1991 Margaret Doggett Crow ’37*
    1992 Edith Jones O'Donnell ’44*
    1993 Catherine Coburn Hannah ’39*
    1994 Ellen Higginbotham Rogers ’59
    1995 Marian Knight Rowe ’41*
    1996 Chandler Roosevelt Lindsley ’52*
    1997 Gloria Craugh Carroll ’55
    1998 Trudy Vars Harris ’43*
    1999 Mary Lynn Aldredge McEntire ’41*
    2000 Neall Grinnan Rose ’60
    2001 Frances “Sissy” Tarlton Farenthold ’43*
    2002 Caroline Rose Hunt ’39*
    2003 Janet Kleinman Kutner ’55
    2004 Patricia M. Patterson ’57
    2005 Natalie “Schatzie” Henderson Lee ’55
    2006 Lyda Quinn Thomas ’54*
    2007 Lucy Crow Billingsley ’71
    2008 Marietta Scurry Johnson ’57
    2009 Pamela Pitzer Willeford ’68
    2010 Carroll Lynn Estes ’55
    2011 Louise Hopkins Underwood ’36*
    2012 Grace Hill Gentry ’55*
    2013 Kay Carter Fortson ’52
    2014 Anne Woods Patterson ’67
    2015 Susie Weber Munson ’63
    2016 Dealey Decherd Herndon ’65
    2017 Julie Goldberg Lowenberg ’58
    2018 Nancy A. Nasher ’72
    2019 Mary Ann Hyde-Till ’49 & ’51JC
    2020 Michelle Neuhoff Thomas ’83
    2021 Rosalind “Roz” Redfern Grover ’59
    2022 Janie Strauss McGarr ’72
    2023 Betty Simmons Regard ’55
    2024 Nicole Ginsburg Small '91 

Alumnae News

Within the private school community, The Hockaday School is an independent college-preparatory day school for girls from grades PK–12 located in Dallas, Texas. Students realize their limitless potential through challenging academic curricula, arts, athletics, and extracurricular programs so that they are inspired to lead lives of purpose and impact.