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Our Middle School program is designed to serve the specific needs of girls in their early adolescent years when intense growth and self-discovery occur.   
Hockaday’s exceptional faculty provides not only instructional excellence but also a true dedication to the education and development of each girl, reinforced by our innovative programs. The Middle School faculty and staff ensure that each student develops her unique gifts and talents, discovers new passions, and views mistakes and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. We provide a joyful learning environment and a culture that promotes self-understanding and knowledge of the world.    
In Hockaday’s supportive girls-only environment, our students feel safe to leave their comfort zones. Middle School students are empowered to thrive as they build confidence, gain resilience, and become ethical leaders and decision-makers. Our dynamic curriculum and campus activities reflect Hockaday’s Cornerstones of Courtesy, Character, Scholarship, and Athletics. Students explore new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Classes are taught based on a six-day rotation that covers core English, mathematics, history, world languages, science, physical education, and fine arts. Each class incorporates real-world connections, critical thinking, organizational and study skills, and cooperative learning.  Ultimately, our students discover new reservoirs of self-confidence as they acquire the skills they need in reading, writing, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving to succeed not only academically, but in their day-to-day lives.  
Our Advisory and Study Hall programs provide all students with academic and social-emotional mentorship and support, fostering strong relationships with both peers and faculty. Middle School students are encouraged to participate in a diverse offering of clubs, after-school athletics (grades seven and eight), and social impact classes. Students also participate in Hockaday’s unique Cornerstones Studies Program, which focuses on the development of character and courtesy.    
Hockaday’s Middle School students are prepared for future success in the Upper School and beyond. Here, your family will join a culture that is inviting and inspiring, as your daughter develops into a leader, scholar, and global citizen. Please explore our extraordinary community to learn more about the excellence of a Hockaday education.    

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