The 1913 Society

The 1913 Society recognizes supporters of Hockaday who have notified us that they have made a provision for the School in their estate plan.

Carla Worsham Adams* ’34JC
Allister Adel* ’95
Bette Lou Albert* ’47JC
Brooke Stollenwerck Aldridge* ’73
Elisabeth Applbaum ’01
Oteka Little ’57 and Jerry* Ball
Thalia Banowsky ’12
Houston Trippe Bateson* ’37
Keturi DeLong
Nancy Hunter Beck ’75
Peter Beck
Patricia Huckins Beckman* ’43
Victoria McElhaney Benedict ’87
Ann Priddy Bentley ’73
Anita Craddock Bigger* ’45JC
Lucy Crow Billingsley ’71
Carol Lynn Sandfield Birnbaum* ’69
Janice Blackburn
Kalita Beck Blessing ’77
Susan and William Block
Jeanne Whitman Bobbitt
Raynette and Ned Boshell
Ann Bower* ’67
Belmore Hicks Bridgford ’50
Mims Brinker ’47JC
Bonnie Bromfield ’90
Robert H. Browning*
Dorothy Bruton* ’42      
Katherine Mathes Bullock ’97
Evie and Geoff Butler
Frances Briggle Campbell* ’36JC 
Charlotte Hudson Carter ’99 and William Carter
Mary Munger* ’47 and Clif* Cassidy
Gloria* and Carlyle Chapman
Mary Thuss* ’61 and Oakley Cheney
Rita Crocker Clements* ’49
Mary Clutts ’76 and Timothy Gaumer
Anna Brelsford Coiner* ’62
Kelly Compton
Mary and Dick Covington
Betty Taylor Cox ’52JC
Margaret Doggett Crow* ’37
Bobbie Crowley
Marjorie and Fred Currey
Elizabeth Schoellkopf Dal Piaz ’91
Flake Daniel*
Toni Merrill Davis ’54
Peggy Simmons Dear ’58
Darleene White DeLee* ’49
Charron Ramsey Denker ’53
Frances Saunders Dickinson* ’26
Talley Dunn ’86
Gano Scurry Ehlers ’66
Louise Freedman Eiseman* ’47
Yvonne Emish* ’51JC
Bess and Ted Enloe
Jessica Werner Epperson ’96
Jeannette* and William B.* Eppler
Pat Finley Fallin ’59

Frances Kay Farrell* ’53
Ardell Taylor Fleeson ’69
Joan Folsom* ’48
Irene Stalcup Forero ’85
Kathryn Walker Francis ’94
Anita C. Gilliam*
Mary* and Al* Gitelman
Pat Murphy* ’42JC and Bryghte D. Godbold*
Billie Jo Whipple ’53 and Jo Graves
Ida Green*
Judy Dalton Greene*
Suzanne Flaxman Greenman ’61 
Rosalind Redfern ’59 and Arden* Grover
Barbara Dunbar Hailey ’62
Nancy Strauss ’68 and Jeremy Halbreich
Eleanor Hamric ’59
Pinta Huff Harris* ’20
Trudy Vars* ’43 and Edward* Harris
Elizabeth Cullum Helfrich ’98
Delores Heflin Hendrick* ’40
Anne Hunter ’45JC and Edward Hill
Nancy and Jim Hoak
Marguerite Steed Hoffman
Bethany Elliott Holloway ’98
Regen Horchow ’80
Sally Polk* ’57 and David G. Howard
Caroline Rose Hunt* ’39
Ailsa Heard Hurley ’94
Mary Ann Hyde-Till ’49 ’51JC and George Till
Fran and Don Jackson
Gwen and Paul* Johnson
Carole Bond ’69 and Chris Jordan
Claudia Kepler*
Mary Ella Ownby* ’52 and Rollin* King
Suzanne Hofmann King ’54
Kama Boswell Koudelka ’81
Louise Lamm* ’41JC
Jean and Charles* Lattimore
Liza and Will Lee
Kathryn and Jayson Limmer
Doug* and Sue Maclay
Cary Maguire*
Constance Brooks Malm* ’43
Janet Shields ’73 and Tim Maloney
Betty Gray Mann* ’45JC
Wendy and Stanley* Marsh
Sallie McCutcheon ’57
Cynthia Tally ’59 and David McDonald
Janie Strauss ’72 and Cappy McGarr
Ann Hubbard McIntyre ’74
Anne McLean* ’57
Idanelle McMurry*
Constance Melrose ’72
Dorothy Thompson Merritt* ’42JC
Debra Doss Miller
Ruth Lindley* ’41 and Addison P.* Moore
Nettie Doscher More* ’39
Barbara Bass ’75 and Jim Moroney

Paula* and Jon* Mosle, Jr.
Jeannine and Jim O'Bannon 
Mary O’Boyle ’70
Pat Patterson ’57
Caroline Penn ’07
Nancy Penn* ’41 and Jack* Penson
Sonia Topletz Philipson* ’51JC
Rosemary Pond*
Kate Hoak Power ’90
Pat and Michael Prentiss
Kathryn* and Ashley* H. Priddy
David Purcell
Betty Simmons Regard ’55
Judy Walker Renick* ’54
Gertrude Windsor Richardson* ’36
Katherine Rogers Roberts ’89
Ellen Higginbotham Rogers ’59
Barbara Glazer Rosenblatt ’75
Elizabeth Horchow Routman ’82
Margaret Jennings Rubi ’68
Thalia Sarris ’82
Becky Butler ’71 and Morin* Scott
Deborah Scott* ’70
Lyle Foster Scovell ’97
Peggy and Carl Sewell
Nancy Perkins ’51 and George* Shutt
Marlene and Richard Sipes
Bonnie Bass ’75 and Peter Smith
Andrea and Larry Smith
Shelby and Cedric Spak
Debby Hay Spradley*
Caro Alexander Stalcup ’57
Lucy D. Steere ’69
Judi and Glenn Stewart
Jackie Miller ’68 and Peter Stewart
Bettye Lunn Stocks ’54
Lindsley Harris ’69 and Smokey Swenson
Betty Olmsted Taylor ’54
Michelle Neuhoff ’83 and Stewart Thomas
Joan Mulcahy Thompson* ’54
Louise Tice
Joseph P. Urso
Lorna Lee Wagner* ’48JC
Ashley Priddy Walker Coles ’05
Kim Wargo and Mark Cortez
Alinda Hill Wikert ’66
Frances Montgomery* ’40 and Bryan* Williams
Kendall Burney Savage-Wilson ’82
Susan B. Wise* ’61 and Carol Frankenfield*
Claudette Wolfe
Ann Whitley Wood ’82
Nan Works ’71
Harriet Lang Worsham* ’32
Julia Yang ’94
Trea and Richard Yip
And those who wish to remain anonymous
* Denotes deceased
Within the private school community, The Hockaday School is an independent college-preparatory day school for girls from grades PK–12 located in Dallas, Texas. Students realize their limitless potential through challenging academic curricula, arts, athletics, and extracurricular programs so that they are inspired to lead lives of purpose and impact.