Alumnae Leadership

2023-2024 Alumnae Association Board

Abby Hoak-Morton '05 
President-Elect Jimieka Rose Oswald '00  
Vice President - Development
Chandler Rice Winslow '02   
Vice President - Long Range Planning
Robyn Schwartz Siegel '99
Vice President - Communications
Jaime Crowley English '03 
Vice President-Elect - Communications
Laurence Glasscock '07   
Treasurer Amber Webb Sims '03  
Recording Secretary Katelyn Hall Muñoz '11  
Corresponding Secretary Kama Boswell Koudelka '81 
Parliamentarian/Immediate Past President Kelsey Swingle Robertson '05              
Affinity and Special Interest
Groups Coordinator
Olivia Trevino '07   

Special Projects Coordinator Christen Levering Redlich '03    
Alumnae Day Chair Mallory Fosdick Leblanc '01 
Alumnae Day Chair-Elect Stephanie Bulger '05 
Reunion Chair     Caroline Snell Wagner '00 
Senior Class Liaisons        Minoo Sobhani Blaesche '03
Margretta Wikert Henderson '05 
Decade Chair Liaison     Elizabeth Frost Benson '02   
Decade Chairs
       Junior College              
Helen Jury '06   
       Golden Decades  
Constance Melrose '72 
       70s Pam Gourley Teeter '79   
       80s Allison Campfield Taten '89  
       90s Carrie Johnson Phaneuf '91   
       00s Samantha Gupta Parmar '05  
       10s & 20s Barbara Gass Utay '11
Recent Graduate
Sahara Chhabra Augustine '10
Mackenzie Hall '12  
Honorary Alum Award
Committee Chair
Austin Dennard '03  
Hockaday Medal Award
Committee Chair
Kate Hoak Power '90   
Nominating Chair    Landy Elliott Fox '92             
Sweetheart Tea Chairs Gail Barzune Loeb '61 
Lisa Loeb '86 
Debbie Loeb Keon '89  
Historian Lilly Albritton '99  
Directors at Large
Samantha Ackerman Asch '91
Briana August '11 
Reanae Seth Clark '02 
Haley Huffines Gigliotti '08 
Emily Forman Jourdan '83 
Dafna Solomon Kikuchi '02 
Mallory Owen Muse '03 
Leslie McCombs Roussev '07 
Tiffany Schmitz Ward '04 
National Directors at Large Peggy Darrah Adams '74
Maryam Khan Cope '02
Teel Jaffe Tishgart '93
Lauren Dunlap Whitson '05
Devon Youngblood '06 
Claire Zhang '12 

Affinity and Special Interest Groups

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  • African American Alumnae Group

    Mission Statement
    Founded in Spring 2013 by Angela Berry Roberson ’86 and Fallyn Gray Jones ‘01, the Hockaday African American Alumnae Affinity Group was established to connect Black alumnae and strives to foster a strengthened sense of community among Black alumnae and the School. This group is also dedicated to recognizing Black culture and achievements of Black alumnae as well as supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives within the greater Hockaday community. Any alumna who identifies as Black, African American, or has a heart for the mission and desires to be involved with the group, is welcome.

    Fallyn Gray Jones ’01 | Jimieka Rose Oswald ’00

    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.
  • Art and Culture Society

    Mission Statement
    Founded in 2018, the Art & Culture Society strives to connect alumnae and strengthen relationships by offering dynamic arts and cultural experiences in Dallas and Fort Worth.
    Victoria Cullum Montgomery ’99 | Robyn Schwartz Siegel ’99 
    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.
  • Latina Alumnae Group

    Co-founded in Spring 2018 by Deborah Lawrence Schafer ’88, Victoria Garcia ’93, and Maria Reyes Shadle ’88, the Latina Alumnae Group strives to celebrate Latina culture and achievements as well as build a strong alumnae network. The Latina Alumnae Group welcomes any alumna who identifies as Latina, with Latina culture, or just wants to be involved.
    The Latina Alumnae Group held its inaugural meeting September 20, 2018, at HockadayCommittee members discussed goals for the group and ways they hope the Latina Alumnae Group will help them connect and network with other alumnae. It was also discussed how this group can serve as a resource for Hockaday students and faculty members. The Latina Alumnae Group plans to meet quarterly and offer different social and networking events that appeal to a large group.
    Follow the Hockaday Latina Alumnae Group on Facebook (“Latina Alumnae Association Association”).

    Deborah Lawrence Schafer ’88 |Victoria Garcia ’93 | Maria Reyes Shadle ’88
    Committee Members
    Maillil Acosta ’07 | Marianna Verlage Archibald ’09 | Maria Katsulos ’17 | Melissa Saldana ’05 | Roselle Tenorio ’13

    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.
  • Legal Alumnae Group

    Mission Statement

    Founded in 2013, the Hockaday Legal Alumnae Group strives to advance Hockaday Alumnae working in the legal industry through education and service opportunities and professional development.

    Lindsey Galbraith Obenhaus ’04

    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.
  • Real Estate Alumnae Group

    Mission Statement
    The Real Estate Alumnae Group consists of Hockaday Alumnae working in real estate who promote professional growth by exchanging information and ideas, supporting through building business connections, and creating a space for camaraderie and character around respective crafts. 
    Shannon Blount ’99
    Noreen Mehdi Weathers ’97
    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.
  • South Asian Alumnae Society

    Mission Statement
    The South Asian Alumnae Society strives to connect and engage South Asian alumnae for professional and social networking purposes as well as to support South Asian alumnae, students, faculty, and staff.

    Ananya Sharma '22 | Anusha Mehta '20 

    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.
  • STEM Alumnae Group

    The STEM Alumnae Group was founded in Summer 2018 by Erika Kurt ’98. This group welcomes alumnae who have or who are pursuing careers or degrees in STEM-related fields and who desire to build connections with other alumnae in these fields.
    The STEM Alumnae Group held its inaugural meeting in 2018, and special guests in attendance were Hockaday science faculty members, including Dean of Studies and science teacher Dr. Barb Fishel. Alumnae discussed how this group can help them connect and network with other alumnae who are currently in or are interested in STEM professions. It was also discussed how this group can serve as a resource for Hockaday students and faculty members. 

    Founder and Coordinator
    Erika Kurt ’98

    Committee Members
    Lisa Casey ’88 | Mishti Deb ’98 | Audrey Decherd ’05 | Lexi Hart ’92 | Elizabeth Hart, alumna parent | Voni Konda ’93 | Shiela Haffar Lannen ’91 | Maria Marwill-Magee ’85 | Sharon Williams Robinson ’71 | Jessica Setnick ’90

    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.
  • Young Alumnae Society

    Mission Statement
    Founded in 2018, The Hockaday Young Alumnae Society is open to the Classes of 2004 – 2020. The Young Alumnae Society strives to foster a spirit of engagement, community, and participation among Hockaday Young Alumnae and the School. The Young Alumnae Society offers professional and social networking events and programming and hosts an annual service event for Young Alumnae to support the community. 

    Jenny Mitchell '11 | Connor Thomas '11 

    For more information, contact the Alumnae Office.

Alumnae Board of Visitors

The Alumnae Board of Visitors are dedicated supporters of the School and its programs. They span the U.S. and the world; and within their communities, they act as goodwill ambassadors for Hockaday, with responsibilities from meeting prospective students and answering questions to offering input on current curriculum and programs. Each member serves a three-year term. Every year, they meet before Alumnae Day to review the past year's opportunities and set goals for the year to come.

Board of Visitors members are selected and notified in the fall. If you are interested in the program or would like to nominate someone, please contact the Alumnae Office for more information.

    • 2019-2020 Alumnae Board of Directors

A Hockaday Class Agent acts as a liaison between you, the alumna, and the School. Whether fund raising or communications, your class agent strives to keep you connected to Hockaday.

Your Communications Class Agent is your connection to the Hockaday Magazine and the Alumnae Office. Please contact your Communications Class Agent at her email listed below with any news or updates, whether it's a college graduation, birth of a child, a promotion or retirement or the accomplishments of your family.

Your Fund Raising Class Agent represents your class during the Annual Fund. Always feel free to contact her if you have any questions or if you are interested in volunteering for Hockaday fund raising activities like the Annual Fund Connect-a-thons. They are a great way to stay in touch with your classmates.

The Alumnae Office is in need of either Fund Raising or Communications Class Agents for each of the classes listed below. If you are interested in volunteering as a Class Agent, please call the Alumnae Office at 214.360.6531 or email




Class Agents

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