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Finding Purpose

The Hockaday Institute for Social Impact represents a distinctive and innovative approach among K-12 schools, using the power of engaged, hands-on learning to prepare students for leadership in their communities, workplaces, and society. Through both new and longstanding partnerships with Dallas-area organizations, the Institute allows students to engage with diverse partners, learn from civic leaders, tackle projects with community impact, and put their creative ideas into action for lasting social benefit.

Greater Impact

Hockaday launched the Institute for Social Impact in 2018 to organize its community engagement work for greater impact and to make a statement about the importance of this concept as part of an effective education in the 21st century.

Led by Laura Day, a recognized leader in the community service landscape in Dallas and nationally, the Institute is a distinctive approach among independent schools across the country. It allows Hockaday to extend our reach, increasing opportunities for collaboration with non-profit entities, businesses, and other Dallas-based community organizations. Through a carefully designed set of real-world projects and experiences, Hockaday students have the chance to test what they are learning in the classroom, tackle tough problems, learn to work in teams, cultivate empathy and respect for others with different backgrounds and expertise, build character and confidence, and explore their purpose in the world.


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  • Advocacy Skills

    Advocacy skills are the tools we equip our students with. It's about teaching them to articulate their beliefs, champion causes they are passionate about, and create positive change through persuasive communication. We nurture adept advocates for their community.
  • Empathy

    Empathy is the heart of our program. It's about fostering a deep understanding and genuine care for the diverse perspectives and experiences of others. We believe that by connecting on a human level, we can drive positive change in our communities and beyond.
  • Purpose

    Purpose is the driving force behind our program. It's the clarity and determination to find one's unique role in addressing societal challenges and what a student values. Our goal is to help students discover their passions and connect them to a profound sense of purpose, empowering them to make a lasting impact.
  • Real-World Experience

    We firmly believe that the best learning happens beyond the classroom. Through internships, community service, and hands-on projects, we provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience, preparing them for life's challenges.
  • Designing Solutions

    The program is about fostering critical and creative thinking. We empower students to analyze complex problems, develop innovative solutions, and turn their ideas into impactful initiatives that address pressing social issues. It's about translating vision into action.

Core Values

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  • Laura Laywell

    Assistant Director, Institute for Social Impact

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