The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors those who have contributed $100,000 or more cumulatively to the School.

The Edward & Wilhelmina Ackerman Foundation
Helma* and Edward* Ackerman
Paula Ackerman Menendez ’87
Samantha Ackerman Simons ’91
Adriana and Jamiel Akhtar
Ruth and Kenneth Altshuler
Kim and Charles Anderson
Mike Anderson 
Stephanie and Todd Anderson
Oteka Little ’57 and Jerry Ball
Thalia Sarris Banowsky ’82
Henrie Jo Rubenstein Barth ’54 
Jack W. Bartholow, Jr.*
Vicki Michaelis ’68 and Peter Bartholow
Richard D. Bass Foundation
Hong and Jim Bass
            JHB Foundation
Nell Orand ’48 and Henry* Beck
Ann Priddy ’73 and Rhett Bentley
Bickel & Brewer Foundation
Lucy Crow ’71 and Henry Billingsley
Kalita Beck Blessing ’77
Christi and Sherwood Blount
Shannon Blount ’99
Callan Blount Fleming ’02
Barb and Todd Bluedorn
The Boeckman Family
Elizabeth Mayer ’50 and Duncan* Boeckman ’50
Caroline Boeckman ’79
Laura Berry ’79 and Dan Boeckman
Kathryn Boeckman Howd ’75
Ann Bower* ’67
Meta Alice Keith Bratten Foundation
Skye and Bill Brewer
Jane Holland Browning* ’49
Dorothy Reid ’76 and Russell Budd
Pam Harris Busbee ’69
Susan and Stephen Butt
The Effie and Wofford Cain Foundation
Tamara Rorrie ’86 and David Campbell
Gary Charlson
Natalie and Wilson Chu
Rita Crocker ’49 and Bill* Clements
The Clements Foundation
The Rita Crocker Clements Foundation
Kimberley Elting and Stewart Cohen
The Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.
Kelly Compton
The Constantin Foundation
Kathryn Browning ’72 and Hal Cook
Mary McDermott Cook ’71
Lisa and Clay Cooley
Susan and Chris Cooper
Marilyn Ray ’47 and Leo* Corrigan
Mary and Dick Covington
Don Crook
Kathy and Harlan Crow
Margaret Doggett* ’37 and Trammell* Crow
Shirley and Stuart Crow
Tiffany and Mark Cuban
Marjorie and Fred Currey
Linda and Bill Custard
Dallas Bankers Association
The Dallas Foundation
Hannah Seeger Davis*
Helen Buchanan Davis ’71
Averille Browning ’73 and Stewart Dawson
Arlene and John Dayton
Joseph M. Dealey, Jr. Foundation
Joseph M. Dealey, Jr.
Dean Learning Center
            David Dean
            Jean M. Dean
            John Cranfill
            Rebecca Dean Dewey ’74
Peggy Simmons Dear ’58
The Decherd Foundation
Maureen and Robert Decherd
Audrey Decherd ’05
Nancy Dedman
Robert H. Dedman, Jr. Family Foundation
Rachael and Bob Dedman
Charron Ramsey ’53 and Peter Denker
Paula Rupe Dennard ’44
Claire Dewar ’75
The F. W. and Bessie A. Dye Foundation
Jim Dondero
Betsy Reed ’84 and Richard Eiseman
Leslie Whittenburg ’83 and Wicky el-Effendi
Susan Northrup ’66 and Linc Eldredge
James L. Embrey*
Molly and Gregg Engles
Bess and Ted Enloe
Tucker Ford ’79 and Richard Enthoven
Jeannette* and William B.* Eppler
Joyce and Mike Ernst
Nancy Esber
Scott Everett
Stacey Everett
Gail Orand Ewing ’50
Fayez Sarofim & Co.
Regen Horchow ’80 and Jeff Fearon
Fidelity Foundation
Amy and Lee Fikes
Shelagh and Tod Fobare
The E. E. Fogelson and Greer Garson Fogelson Charitable Foundation
Sharon and Steve Folsom
The Gerald J. Ford Family Foundation
Kelli and Jerry Ford
Dana Bourgeois French
Michael C. French
Pat Murphy* ’42JC and Bryghte D.* Godbold
The Graue Family Foundation
Mona and Bill Graue
Ann Graves
The Ann and Jack Graves Charitable Foundation
Ida Green Estate
The Cecil and Ida Green Foundation
Stirling Pitman ’64 and Ralph Greenlee
Miriam and Burton* Grossman
Dawn and Toby Grove
Rosalind Redfern ’59 and Arden* Grover and Rosson Grover
Kathy and Peter Gudmundsson
Nancy A. Nasher ’72 and David J. Haemisegger
The Haggar Corporation Foundation
The J. M. Haggar, Jr. Family Foundation
Isabell and Joe* Haggar, Jr.
Marian and George Bryan
Lydia and Dan Novakov
The Houston and Michelle Hall Foundation
Michelle and Houston Hall
Stevan Hammond
Pinta Huff Harris* ’20
Betty Jo* and Jess* Hay
The Thomas O. and Cinda Hicks Foundation
Cinda and Tom Hicks
Elizabeth Bell* and Joseph L.* Higginbotham
Al Hill, Jr.
The Lyda Hill Foundation
Lyda Hill ’60
Margaret Hunt Hill
The Hillcrest Foundation
            Mrs. W. W. Caruth, Sr.*
The Hoak Foundation
Nancy and Jim Hoak
Kate Hoak ’90 and Will Power
Maggie Hoak Jones ’03
Abigail Hoak-Morton ’05
The Hoblitzelle Foundation
The Hockaday Alumnae Association
The Hockaday Parents’ Association
The Hoffman Family Foundation
Marguerite Steed Hoffman
Robert K. Hoffman*
Randi and Jay Hofmann
The Horchow Family Charitable Trust
Carolyn* and Roger Horchow
Sally Horchow
H.L. Hunt Charitable Foundation Trust
Mary and Mark Hurley
Mary Ann ’49 ’51JC and Edward* Hyde
Kanika and Vinay Jain
The Jordan Family Foundation
Carole Bond ’69 and Chris Jordan
Louise Corrigan* ’35 and Edwin* Jordan
Anne Jordan Logan ’63
Susan and Bob Kaminski
Trink and Larry Keener
Suzanne and Henry Kim
Mary Ella Ownby* ’52 and Rollin W. King*
The Kline Family Foundation
Caren and Peter Kline
Joyce and Larry Lacerte
Michele Cain ’73 and Jack Lafield
Melissa and George Lamb
Lee Foundation, Singapore
Laura and Eddie Lee
Carrie and Craig Levering
Chandler Roosevelt Lindsley ’52
Lomas Financial Corporation
The W. P. and Bulah Luse Foundation
Ann* and Cary Maguire
Staci and Jeffrey Mankoff
Marathon Oil Company
Jeffrey A. Marcus
Nancy C. Marcus
Stanley Marcus*
Anne Windfohr ’56 and John Marion
The Tom and Charlene Marsh Family Foundation
Charlene Cline ’62 and Tom Marsh
Estee Marsh ’87 and Luke Kellogg
Charlene Catharine Marsh ’00
The Frederick and Mildred Mayer Foundation
Sallie McCutcheon ’57
The Eugene McDermott Foundation
Margaret McDermott
Janie Strauss ’72 and Cappy McGarr
Suzanne Perot ’82 and Patrick McGee
Megan and Casey McManemin
The Meadows Foundation
Leslie and Nick Merrick
Nancy Albertini and Steve Metzger
Maryann Sarris ’78 and Frank Mihalopoulos
Lynn and Presley Mock
Minda and Gary Moor
Estates of Ruth Lindley ’41 and Addison P. Moore
Barbara Bass ’75 and Jim Moroney
Jennifer and Jon Mosle III
Paula and Jon* Mosle, Jr.
The Harry S. Moss Foundation
Lyn and John Muse
Charles Nearburg
Dana Nearburg
Judy Austin ’60 and Tommy Neuhoff
The O’Boyle Family
Mary O’Boyle ’70
Pamela and Mark Okada
The Ownby Family
            Mary Ella Ownby King* ’52
Claire Dewar ’75
Molly Dewar Froelich ’79
Claire Ownby Benners* ’47
Dee Ann and Marshall Payne
Elizabeth H. Penn*
Katherine and Bob Penn
Nancy Penn* ’41 and John G.* Penson
The Perot Foundation
The Perot Investment Company
Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr.
Margot and Ross Perot
Nancy Perot ’78
Sonia Topletz ’51JC and Herman* Philipson, Jr.
Roxanne and Gene Phillips
Jeanne and David* Phillips
Jan Rymer ’60 and Bob Pickens
Karen Sheinberg ’84 and Richard Pollock
Pat and Michael Prentiss
Paige Prentiss Coulman ’92
Kennedy Prentiss Herrington ’99
The Priddy Foundation
Kathryn and Ashley H.* Priddy
Dianne and Hervey Priddy
Ruby Norwood ’42 and Robert Priddy
The Vin Prothro Family
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
Marcia and Bill Rafkin
Carolyn Perot ’86 and Karl Rathjen
Katherine Perot Reeves ’89
Beverly and Joe Rodriguez
The Ralph B. Rogers Foundation
Ellen Higginbotham ’59 and Richard Rogers
Katherine Rogers ’89 and William Roberts
Callie Emery
Chris and Dick Rogoff
Barbara Glazer ’75 and Randy Rosenblatt
            Anna Rosenblatt ’06
Molly Rosenblatt ’08
Lizzie Horchow ’82 and Dan Routman
Rupe Foundation
Amanda and Brint Ryan
Mary Jane and Frank Ryburn
Kristy and Beaude Sahm
Nancy and David* Sands
Beth and Paul Savoldelli
Sandy and John Schmitz
Clifton Lingo* ’28 and Wilson* Schoellkopf, Sr.
Jan and Wilson* Schoellkopf, Jr.
Melinda F. Sellers
Peggy and Carl Sewell
Ruth C. and Charles S. Sharp Foundation, Inc.
Janet Spencer ’59 and Lewis Shaw
The George A. and Nancy P. Shutt Foundation
Nancy Perkins ’51 and George* Shutt
Bonnie Bass ’75 and Peter Smith
Debby and Webb Spradley
Judi and Glenn Stewart
Rebecca and Rick Szelc
The Ann Burnett and Charles Tandy Foundation
Anne Burnett Tandy*
Anne and Van Taylor
Camille and Spencer* Taylor
Jacquelin Sewell ’99 and Phillip Taylor
Texas Industries, Inc.
Michelle Neuhoff ’83 and Stewart Thomas
Debra and John* Thompson
Sherri and Glenn Thurman
The Trevino Family Foundation
Claudia and Lee Trevino
Dawne and Patrick Tribolet
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Fallon Browning ’77 and Robie Vaughn
The Mary Jane and William Voute Foundation
E. Paul and Helen Buck Waggoner Foundation
Betty Priddy Walker ’69
Courtney Wang and The Wang Foundation
Donna and John Watters
Jeanne Price Whittenburg ’53*
Katsy and James Whittenburg III
Alinda Hill ’66 and Jim Wikert
Elizabeth Manget* ’28 and Edward A.* Williamson
Mary Lou and Steven Wilmeth
Cathy Wilmeth ’92 and Keith Taylor
Jennifer Wilmeth ’96 and Ashley Keller
Melissa Wilmeth ’98 and Ehsan Iraniparast
Kendall Burney Wilson ’82 and Diane King Hughes*
Melinda and Steve Winn
Estate of Carol M. Frankenfield and Susan B. Wise ’61
Mimi Mason Wood ’57
Nan Works ’71
Nina Works ’65
Harriet Lang* ’32 and Irion* Worsham
Trea and Richard Yip
Sally Taylor* ’53 and Barney Young
Angela and Scott Zashin
And those who wish to remain anonymous
* Denotes deceased
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