Meet Our Staff

Jen Fore

Track and Field
Varsity Pole Vault Coach
Dr./Coach Fore joined the Hockaday community in 2015 as a chemistry teacher. She attended Wright State University in Dayton, OH obtaining her B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry. During this time, she competed in pole vault for the Raiders and earned a personal record of 3.05 meters. Coach Fore went on to earn a Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry at Northeastern University under the guidance of Dr. Max Diem. She cemented her passion for teaching Chemistry during a post-doctoral faculty fellowship at Boston University. Her time in Boston, and the friendships she made, led her to discover CrossFit and the whole-life balance that fitness can bring to one’s life.
Once arriving in Dallas and realizing the Track and Field team lacked pole vaulters, Coach Fore reached out to Coach Bean about becoming an assistant coach. During her own pole-vaulting career, she never really improved, which inspired her to learn more. Coach Bean recommended the Texas Express Track Club and under the guidance of Coaches Chad and Buzz Andrews, she learned how to properly coach young athletes. She re-found her passion for the sport and improved her own personal record to 3.38 meters. With this experience, she has learned how to see each athlete as an individual, and to work on her strengths and weaknesses. Because pole vault can be such a mentally challenging sport with many variables, her toolbox has grown immensely and has developed her into a great motivator. Since coaching at Hockaday, Coach Bean has helped her learn all aspects of Track and Field, specifically sprinting and jumping mechanics. He has also given Coach Fore opportunities to grow outside her comfort zone, especially in coaching middle school Cross Country. One of her best memories of coaching at Hockaday was in 2021 when Ava cleared 9’6” at a middle school virtual meet and Gracie earned 2nd place at SPC with 9’6”. The Hockaday pole vault squad has a great future ahead!
Coach Fore is a life-long learner and loves to gain more knowledge about track and field. She has a passion for marrying her science background with the biomechanics of the sport. She has now joined the coaching staff at Texas Express and has co-coached multiple AAU All-Americans, UIL State qualifiers, and a handful of the top vaulters in Texas. Coach Fore is excited to continue sharing these amazing experiences with Hockaday young women both inside and outside the classroom. Coach Fore’s goals are to bring her new-found pole vault expertise to the Hockaday Track and Field program, and to help our young women succeed both on and off the track.
  • SafeSport
  • USATF – Level 1
  • USATF – Association Level Official
  • NFHS – pole vault
  • CF-L1
  • CF-L2
Texas Express Coaching Highlights:
  • 1 – 13’+ high school girl athlete
  • 3 – 12’+ high school girl athletes
  • 9 – 11’+ high school girl athletes
  • 3 – 15’+ high school boy athletes
  • 2 – 16’ high school boy athletes
  • 1 – 17’ high school boy, 3rd in USA for 2019
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