In March, a new student-led organization at The Hockaday School called FEMPWR (pronounced fem-power) was founded on the basis of empowering young women through conversations on gender related issues and presenting them with opportunities to make an impact in their community. 
Seven high schools were represented at the first FEMPWR forum titled, “From Your Bubble to the Outside World: Dealing with the Transition from a Sheltered Society to a Contemporary Lifestyle.” Five diverse panelists narrated their personal journeys into college and respective workplaces. This organization doesn’t only want to deliberate on the issues, but also wanted to SOLVE them. After the discussion, they explored ways participants can become more involved in their local communities.
This organization will be also be giving a talk titled, “FEMPWR: The Future is a Feminist,” during the Academic Council’s annual Hockatalks event on Thursday, April 4.
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