Newly Named Distinguished Teachers

Congratulations to Hockaday’s newly named Distinguished Teachers! 
Brandi Finazzo, The Lyda Hill ’60 Distinguished Teacher; Darin Jeans, Distinguished Teacher; Susan Sanders-Rosenberg, The Nancy Penn Penson ’41 and John G. Penson Distinguished Teacher in Fine Arts, and Tymesia Smaw, The Lyda Hill ’60 Distinguished Teacher.  
Hockaday’s incredible faculty are at the center of our School’s legacy of excellence in education. Our teachers place students first and make the Hockaday experience unparalleled. In 2011, the School formally recognized our faculty with the establishment of The Endowed Distinguished Teacher Program, in recognition of faculty excellence. The title of Distinguished Teacher refers both to a position and to qualities of teaching and scholarship. The purpose of the Distinguished Teacher program is to recognize and reward exemplary teachers, often ones of long-standing tenure, for their life-changing work with students. These teachers’ skills in the classroom, their ability to bring subjects to life, their ongoing research and scholarship, and their impact on their students’ lives make them each deserving of the title.  
These endowments reflect the embodiment of our teaching mission and exemplify the School’s traditions. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors, which allows us to recognize and honor exemplary faculty members who have served Hockaday so admirably and who will help lead us into the future.  
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