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Callan Fox and Connie Zhao Receive Outstanding Rating in Technology in Music Festival

Congratulations to Callan Fox (Class of 2026) and Connie Zhao (Class of 2028) for winning the “Outstanding" and "Best-in-Class" ratings at the national 2022 Technology in Music Composition Festival.
“This is a tough national contest for both public and private schools, and Callan and Connie’s outstanding talent, hard work, and dedication are to be praised,” said their music teacher, Yung-Fang Hu Ludford who sponsored them to enter this contest. 
Callan’s Original Composition titled Forbidden Love was …inspired by Romeo and Juliet and this resulted in such a creative, programmatic work!” said the judge, Prof. Floyd Richmond, “Your music is quite expressive, and your use of varying techniques (string pizz., harp glisses, etc.) helps to convey a specific mood and character.”
Connie’s Multimedia Composition titled Two World combined techniques of Music, Art, Animation, Creative Writing, and Technology.  “Your animations and process to tell the story are exquisite”, said the judge.   
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