Institute for Social Impact

Community Art

Hockaday's Advanced Studio Art, a Social Impact-Designated Class partnered with North Dallas Shared Ministries to paint murals to brighten up the center.
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The nonprofit offers services like dental and medical care, job counseling and a clothing bank to the Dallas community, and the class was invited to visit the space and hear about its needs. The result is three colorful, fully realized murals within the main room that integrate the North Dallas Shared Ministries’ mission with native Dallas imagery. 

“Comfort within an unfamiliar space makes visitors feel welcome,” said Meera Thamaran (Class of 2023). “The project focused on impacting our community through art, spreading joy, and supporting purposeful community entities. Art generates strong emotion, expresses ideas and abstract concepts, and brings color to an environment in ways that other forms of social impact cannot.” 

“Art changes the way people feel about spaces or ideas and allows people to relate to the unknown by forging connections,” said Aishwarya Chandrasekaran (Class of 2023).
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