Latin students participated in the Junior Classical League Area Competition

Middle and Upper School Latin students participated in the Junior Classical League Area Competition in February. The Middle School team finished second in the Certamen competition, and many students won individual awards as well. Congratulations to: Prisha Aggarwal (Class of 2028), second place Mottoes; Lily Cedarqvist (Class of 2028), second place Roman Life and fourth place Models; Caroline Fleiss (Class of 2028), third place Mottoes, Caroline Hayes (Class of 2028), first place Decathlon and Elementary Grammar, fourth place Polychromatic Drawing, and fourth place Miscellaneous Art; Quinn LeRosen (Class of 2029), first place A Mottoes, second place Costumes, and third place Sculptures; Zaidee Lockard (Class of 2029), Ellie Roden (Class of 2029), second place Decathlon and third Mythology; third place Decathlon; Isabel Lee (Class of 2028), first place Mottoes, fourth place Costumes; Leila Hulme (Class of 2027),  third place Latin 2 Derivatives and second place Miscellaneous Art; Emanuela Kang (Class of 2027), third place Latin 2 Mottoes, second place for her model of the Palace of Knossos, and first place for her Illustrated Quote “Sedet Qui Timet Ne Non Succederet”;Sophie Karthik (Class of 2025), first place Roman Life and Latin 4 Decathlon; Adrianna Krajnovic (Class of 2026), second place Latin 2 Decathlon; Ruhi Mehta (Class of 2027), fifth place Latin 2 Decathlon; Christine Park (Class of 2027), fifth place Latin 2 Derivatives; Melody Tian (Class of 2024), third place Latin 4 Vocabulary and Latin 4 Mottoes.
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