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Hockaday Faculty Shares Past Experiences in the CIA and FBI with Her Students

Tracy Walder spent four years with the CIA and one year with the FBI. After her stent with these federal agencies and obtaining her master's degree, Tracy applied for a job at Hockaday. John Ashton, the head of Upper School at Hockaday, says he knew right away he wanted to hire her because of her cultural understanding.
Tracy likes bringing her background into the classroom by dressing up in burqas and other clothing worn by women in countries she's visited, she says. Once, she paired an Israeli and Palestinian student on a team to find resolutions to some of the Mideast tensions.

Some faiths or cultures, such as Islam, are misunderstood and, she says, "kids need to see that, feel it and understand it."

"There's always more to the story," she says.

For the full story on Tracy Walder please click here for the link to the Dallas Morning News story.

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