Tenets of Staff Excellence

The Hockaday School seeks staff members who exemplify high ideals and who employ the best practices that are hallmarks of excellence. Staff of excellence actively promote the mission and priorities of The Hockaday School, educating young women to assume positions of responsibility and leadership in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. They strongly support single-gender education and understand how girls learn best. They value and respect their colleagues and further school-wide, divisional, and departmental goals.

Tenets of Staff Excellence

List of 5 items.

  • Staff of Excellence exemplify and promote strong ethical principles in the school community.

    Their high moral standards, honorable behavior, and personal integrity govern their deliberations and actions. As staff of excellence, they serve as role models for inspiring and helping students to choose what is right and good.
  • Staff of Excellence enrich the working environment because they possess a generous spirit and a positive attitude.

    They act as team players, serve as self-starters, and address needs with good cheer.
  • Staff of Excellence make their passion for their work obvious.

    Their overt enthusiasm and curiosity create a positive and productive environment. They continually seek opportunities to refine their skills and develop their abilities.
  • Staff of Excellence are active learners.

    By focusing on problem-solving, synthesizing information, and integrating knowledge, they challenge themselves and others to develop critical thinking skills and personal voice. They engage their colleagues in such a way that they will take risks and go beyond what they know to think about what they don’t know.
  • Staff of Excellence continually seek improvement.

    They regularly ask themselves if there is a more effective way to carry out their responsibilities that would benefit their colleagues, their department and the School. They use goal setting, self-reflection, feedback, teamwork, and structured professional development opportunities to grow professionally.

List of 4 items.

  • Staff of Excellence establish high professional standards.

    They strive to, not only follow, but to set, best practices. They consistently exceed expectations, modeling behavior for colleague and students alike.
  • Staff of Excellence fulfill professional responsibilities in a timely and thoughtful manner.

    They are respectful of others and can be depended upon to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability in carrying out school policies and procedures.
  • Staff of Excellence show a genuine concern for our students.

    They are empathetic, possess a deep optimism about young people, and find appropriate ways to support student activities.
  • Staff of Excellence successfully partner with colleagues, parents, and volunteers.

    They are approachable. They communicate proactively and effectively to coordinate resources to best support Hockaday.
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