Core Values

We recognize that today’s students have the potential to be leaders, not just in the future, but now. 

We seek to understand others and do so by working to abandon our assumptions and participating in honest open dialogue.
We are committed to supporting all members of our community in reaching their greatest potential. 

We keep a pulse on emerging practices and trends and believe in pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
“The Hockaday Institute for Social Impact is an important pillar in our community, educating students today in the ways they can lead now and inspiring them to do so in the future, no matter their professions. Students have the opportunity to pursue ideas that change the way our communities work—for the better."

- Jennifer Sampson, McDermott-Templeton President and CEO of United Way

Finding Purpose

The Hockaday Institute for Social Impact represents a distinctive and innovative approach among K-12 schools, using the power of engaged, hands-on learning to prepare students for leadership in their communities, workplaces, and society. Through both new and longstanding partnerships with Dallas-area organizations, the Institute allows students to engage with diverse partners, learn from civic leaders, tackle projects with community impact, and put their creative ideas into action for lasting social benefit.

Greater Impact

Hockaday launched the Institute for Social Impact in 2018 to organize its community engagement work for greater impact and to make a statement about the importance of this concept as part of an effective education in the 21st century.

Led by Laura Day, a recognized leader in the community service landscape in Dallas and nationally, the Institute is a distinctive approach among independent schools across the country. It allows Hockaday to extend our reach, increasing opportunities for collaboration with non-profit entities, businesses, and other Dallas-based community organizations. Through a carefully designed set of real-world projects and experiences, Hockaday students have the chance to test what they are learning in the classroom, tackle tough problems, learn to work in teams, cultivate empathy and respect for others with different backgrounds and expertise, build character and confidence, and explore their purpose in the world.

Social Impact Stories

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  • Learning Math Through Games

    Upper School students visited Marsh Middle School recently to work with students.
  • Upper School and Lower School Prototyping

    Upper School students in Biology, Impact, and the Zoo visited the Third Grade Science and Social Impact classroom to give feedback on their prototypes! 
  • Shark Tank Winners

    This week, the Biology, Impact, and the Zoo class, a Social Impact class taught by Brandi Finazzo and Laura Day, held the sixth annual BIZ Shark Tank Pitch Contest. 
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Building Empathy

Advocacy Skills

Real World Experiences

Designing Solutions

Exploring Purpose
My work with the Institute has helped me to build confidence not only in myself, but in what I put forth into the world: my work, my thoughts, and my actions.

- Zoya Haq '23

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