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Board of Trustees Votes to Phase out Boarding

APRIL 2021 – Adapting to long-term trends in independent school education, The Hockaday School Board of Trustees has decided to phase out the School’s Boarding Program over the next four years, as Hockaday redoubles its engagement with and expands access to the Dallas-Fort Worth community. In its vote, the Board reaffirmed the School’s commitment to fully supporting current Boarding students through to graduation and to honoring the special legacy of Boarding at Hockaday.

The Residence Life Program was established by Ms. Ela Hockaday in 1915. Two of Ms. Hockaday’s treasured contemporaries and great visionaries, Ms. Miriam Morgan and Ms. Sarah Trent, are honored in the Schmitz Family Residence Hall with two dormitories named Morgan and Trent.
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