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Hockaday Counseling Mission & Overview

Each Division has a school counselor who is available as a resource for students, parents, faculty and staff. The school counselors are trained mental health professionals who understand and respond to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population. Hockaday’s school counselors do not work in isolation; rather they are integral to the total educational program. They align and work with the school’s mission to foster a community of concern and friendship and to instill in every girl a love of learning and an understanding of herself and the ethical principles which guide her life.

The counselors interact with students on a regular basis through a variety of venues, whether it is through making presentations to a class, offering optional workshops, acting as an advisor or club sponsor, or helping an individual student work through a personal problem. Faculty and administration also look to the counselors for their expertise in social and emotional developmental factors that impact a student’s learning and functioning in the school community. Parents are also encouraged to contact the school counselor for consultation on parenting strategies, child behavior and developmental concerns, or for help in supporting their student with life events such as an extended illness, the death of a loved one, or changes in the family.

It should be noted that any one-on-one counseling offered through the school is primarily a short-term, temporary service aimed at facilitating more effective education and socialization of the student within the school community. While the counselors provide immediate crisis intervention and regular consultation during normal school hours, these services do not take the place of long-term, comprehensive psychological counseling.

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  • Photo of Susan  Hawthorne

    Susan  Hawthorne 

    Counselor - Lower School
  • Photo of Ashley Ferguson

    Ashley Ferguson 

    Counselor - Upper School (L-Z)
  • Photo of Dayna Kline

    Dayna Kline M.S., LPC 

    Middle School Counselor
  • Photo of Raquel McKinney

    Raquel McKinney 

    Counselor - Upper School (A-K)
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