Centennial Celebration
Hockaday by Decade


On September 21, 1913 after responding to Mr. Terrell's request to meet, Miss Hockaday established a school for girls. Miss Hockaday sent a telegram to Miss Trent saying, "Come at once, I am starting my school Monday." (Sent on Thursday, September 21, 1913)

Within the span of four days, a house was purchased and the feverish cleaning began immediately to turn the house into a school. On Monday morning, September 25, 1913, The Miss Hockaday School for Girls opened with ten students in attendance. For the students, this was an exciting time. Everything was new, and these ten girls had the opportunity to help create and shape the atmosphere of the School's identity, including the school colors. "The school colors were chosen the first year when each girl brought a sample of the colors she wanted to have. There were only ten girls, but there might have been a hundred combinations. Of course Green and White were chosen." (
The Fourcast, December 4, 1961)

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