Knowledge, creativity, innovation, and initiative converge to make Hockaday's Fine Arts program truly unique.
Creativity and collaboration range from a Lower School musical celebrating the Centennial of the school to the Upper School AP Art Show, from orchestras in all three divisions of the school to a film program with twenty editing stations, from a nationally competitive debate program to entirety of the 8th Grade producing a full Broadway musical.

Beyond the arts education of each student at Hockaday, this synergy of hands-on arts experiences instills leadership and entrepreneurship as students direct plays, choreograph dance pieces, or curate art shows. Hockaday has developed a full program in each of the art forms in which a student can test and develop her talent, take advanced and allied course work, have a significant opportunity for self-expression, and consistently find meaningful ways to be a part of group accomplishment and public acclaim.

The arts at Hockaday draw inspiration from an outstanding teaching faculty of practicing artists, directors and performers. They have the commitment and the passion to allow each student to realize a personal artistic vision. The arts are alive and thriving at Hockaday – they offer a unique crucible where knowledge, creativity, innovation and initiative all converge.

The arts are integral to what we do as a school and to the lives we imagine for our graduates.
    • Centennial Sculpture Video

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