On Campus


As part of tuition, all students enjoy delicious and healthy options with a range of American favorites as well as international cuisine from SAGE Dining Services. Options include:
  • Fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and vendors;
  • Creative menus with Asian-inspired dishes, Latin American cuisine, and vegetarian and vegan fare;
  • Educational Seasonings programs that explore the culture and history of food.
Additionally, SAGE provides national expertise on allergy accommodations and ADA compliance. All SAGE Team Members are extensively trained in food allergy awareness. Parents are welcome to schedule times to visit the kitchen and ask about inventories and preparation methods. Sage’s innovative online allergen filter and comprehensive ingredient list allow you to plan ahead every day. Sage has a tailored menu for Hockaday that proudly upholds  SAGE’s culinary standards, which are:
  • Cooking from scratch, using local and campus-grown ingredients where possible;
  • Using fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Offering fresh salads and house-made dressings;
  • Offering a variety of whole grain breads, bagels, and rolls;
  • Providing house-roast deli meats;
  • Cooking with trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings;
  • Serving antibiotic- and hormone-free milk;
  • Sourcing antibiotic-free chicken;
  • Using cage-free, Certified Humane® eggs;
  • Offering substantial vegetarian and vegan options.
For more information about Sage and nutrition information, visit The SAGE Spotlight Program®. This program ensures all menus have variety, balance, and moderation. 
The dining facilities for the school are located in the main Administration Building. Biggs Dining Hall, named for Electra Waggoner Biggs '63 and Helen Biggs Willingham '64. The area adjacent to Biggs Dining Hall, referred to as Whittenburg Terrace, is where faculty and staff have lunch.
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