Institute for Social Impact


Core Values

We recognize that today’s students have the potential to be leaders, not just in the future, but now. 

We seek to understand others and do so by working to abandon our assumptions and participating in honest open dialogue.
We are committed to supporting all members of our community in reaching their greatest potential. 

We keep a pulse on emerging practices and trends and believe in pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
The Institute for Social Impact exists to help students lead lives of purpose and impact. Students in Athletics build the leadership skills outlined in the five outcomes and engage in authentic real-world opportunities for impact. Each team repurposes one practice each season to teach the sport to a local elementary partner or after-school program, and leaves behind equipment for the students so they can continue to play the sport. 

Fine Arts classes across divisions have teamed up with the Institute for Social Impact to integrate elements of social responsibility and an element of sharing talents and time with other communities. 

Opportunities and Programs

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  • Volleyball

    The Varsity Volleyball team repurposed a practice in the fall to host a volleyball clinic at Wesley Rankin Community Center during their after-school program. The team led the students in fun stations to learn how to play volleyball and left behind volleyballs and equipment for the students to continue to play.
  • Ceramics

    Ceramics students create pieces to be sold to the Hockaday community and the money earned is used to create social impact in the Hockaday community or beyond.
  • Cross Country

    The Varsity Cross Country team led a clinic at Jack Lowe Elementary School during their recess time with First Grade students. The students learned how cross-country running can open doors for college opportunities and got to practice their running form through fun stations with the team. 
  • Lacrosse

    The Varsity Lacrosse team repurposed their practice to teach lacrosse to the students at Sierra Vista apartments in Dallas. Students learned how to play lacrosse and got to scrimmage with the team to test out their new skills! 
  • Dance

    Invites local DISD elementary schools to a performance every year at Hockaday. Two dance classes choreograph a joint piece with a local DISD elementary school to be performed together in the Fall. Dance students recycle and use old dance uniforms to give area students the ability to have dance uniforms and choreograph their own dances with costumes.
  • Basketball

    The Varsity Basketball team repurposed one of their practices to lead a clinic at Wesley Rankin Community Center. The team shared with students why basketball is meaningful to them and then created a fun skills workshop for students to learn how to play basketball. The team ended with a fun scrimmage and left behind equipment so students could continue to play.
  • Fencing

    The Varsity Fencing team repurposed a practice to teach fencing to the students in the afterschool program at Sierra Vista apartments in Dallas. Students learned about the sport and got to practice fencing using pool noodles. 
  • Track and Field

    The Track and Field team repurposed their conference and lunch time to lead a track and field clinic for students at Foster Elementary during recess time.  Students learned running form and got to play track games to try out their skills! 
  • Theater

    Daisy Company uses the art of drama to teach lessons connected to the TEKS for a local DISD elementary school. Drama classes create stories and read books that are recorded and shared with Children’ Hospital to play for children staying overnight at the hospital.
  • Swimming

    The Varsity Swimming team repurposed one of their spring practices and created a swimming clinic to go over safety rules around pools for Sierra Vista apartments after school program. The team led the students in a water safety lesson and then taught swimming skills through engaging games on land. 
  • Choir and Orchestra

    Orchestra performs at local DISD schools on major testing days to bring calm and joy. Orchestra also creates a work of art that explains the different instruments to local DISD elementary schools and Children’s Hospital. The Choir performs at local homeless shelters and DISD elementary schools.
  • Soccer

    The Varsity Soccer team partnered with Foster Elementary to fundraise for the materials needed to build soccer goals and purchase the equipment for the very first girls’ soccer team at Foster. Team members created a website for people to pledge money for each goal they scored during the season. After raising funds, the Hockaday team built the goals at Foster Elementary and repurposed a practice to run a soccer clinic for the students during recess time.
  • Tennis

    The Varsity Tennis team repurposed a practice to teach students at Withers Elementary how to play tennis at a public court next to the school. The team brought tennis rackets and balls for students to keep and continue to play.
  • Rowing

    The Varsity Rowing team repurposed one of their practices to teach rowing to students at St. Vincent de Paul’s after school program at Bachman Lake.  Students demonstrated how to row on the water and then created rowing skills stations on land using rowing ergs for the students to practice the form needed to row.  The rowing team then returned to St. Vincent de Paul in the spring to follow up with another rowing clinic for students. 


Building Empathy

Advocacy Skills

Real World Experiences

Designing Solutions

Exploring Purpose

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  • Volleyball Spreads Love of the Game

    The Varsity Volleyball team headed to Marsh Preparatory Academy this week to run a clinic for girls interested in the sport.
  • Orchestra Helps Teach Texas History

    Upper School Orchestra members prepared music to help students at David G. Burnet Elementary learn Texas history. 
  • Community Art

    Hockaday's Advanced Studio Art, a Social Impact-Designated Class partnered with North Dallas Shared Ministries to paint murals to brighten up the center.
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  • Setting Goals

    When Class of 2022 members Leena Mehendale and Jules Johnson started volunteering at Foster Elementary, they realized that the students there were as passionate about soccer as they were.
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