Alumnae Athletes

Many student-athletes elect to pursue their athletic careers in college. This requires a coordinated effort between the athlete, her family and the School.  Student-athletes interested in participating at the collegiate level work with the College Counseling office to assist them in deciding what role athletics should play in the college search, as well as important details about eligibility, recruiting and scholarships. 

Deb Surgi, Director of Athletics, provides information to our student-athletes regarding NCAA eligibility, NCAA Clearinghouse registration, and Division I, II, and III athletic programs. Students may also contact their coaches for further information about specific sports programs, conferences, and levels of competition. 
The NCAA Eligibility Center is designed for the student-athlete and her parents. This site is a resource to help understand the application process and the NCAA. Students interested in competing in NCAA Division I, II, or III athletics must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Registration should take place before the student-athlete's junior year. The "Guide for the College-Bound Athlete" is available on the NCAA Clearinghouse website. 

I am forever grateful for the memories and experiences Hockaday rowing and athletics gave me. Both the athletic department and my coach provided me with the resources and expertise I needed to succeed at the junior level, and to continue my athletic career at the University of Washington.  - Teal Cohen '17
    • Signing Day Seniors (Not pictured: Diana Piovanetti and Emma Simons)

2021 College Bound Athletes

Laine Betanzos, Colgate University - Rowing
Emilia Callahan, Dartmouth College - Field Hockey
Maddy Charest, Tufts University - Lacrosse
Kate Clark, Boston College, Track and Field
Estelle Fisher, Washington and Lee University - Swimming
Sophia Foster, Lehigh University - Rowing
Annie Herring, Brown University - Rowing
Erin Hughes, Rollins College - Rowing
Inez Johnson, Bates College - Cross Country
Diana Piovanetti, Cornell University - Fencing
Emma Simons, Tulane University - Track and Field
Lauren Stallings, Sewanee: The University of the South - Lacrosse
Alyssa Taylor, Tulane University - Track and Field

List of 15 frequently asked questions.

  • Cross Country

    Inez Johnson '21, Bates College
    Parker Hawk ’19, Washington & Lee 
    Adoette Vaughan ’19, Arkansas 
    Jacque Choucair ‘13, Stanford 
  • Basketball

    Jessica Savage ’15,  Colorado College
  • Cheerleading

    Kristen Romano ‘17,  Southern Methodist University
  • Rowing

    Laine Betanzos, '21, Colgate University
    Sophia Foster, '21, Lehigh University
    Annie Herring, '21, Brown University
    Erin Hughes, '21, Rollins College
    Noelle Diamond, '20, Stanford University
    Alexandra Hart, '20, Southern Methodist University
    Alyssa Manganello, '20, Southern Methodist University
    Julie Valois, '20, University of Pennsylvania
    Felicity Diamond, ’19 Columbia
    Sophie Pearson ’19,  University of Tulsa
    Anna Glasgow ’18,  Dartmouth College
    Teal Cohen ’17,  Washington
    Cecilia Magnanello ’17,  Bucknell
    Taylor Toudouze ’17, Michigan
    Sarah Taylor ’16,  Stanford University
    Darcy Malican ’16,  University of Southern California
    Claire Noble ’16,  Boston College
    Kristie Gudmundsson’10, Yale
    Emily McCombs ’10,  Southern Methodist University
    Marianna See ’09,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Equestrian

    Anastasia Stewart ’16, Savannah College
  • Fencing

    Diana Piovanetti, '21, Cornell University
    Avery Youngblood ’12, Stanford
    Isabella So ‘11, John Hopkins
    Arden Youngblood ’10, Princeton
  • Field Hockey

    Emilia Callahan, '21, Dartmouth College
    Sophie Rubarts ’19,  Hendrix
    Cynthia Tassopoulos ’09, Harvard
    Sarah Kennedy ’08,  Rhodes
    Chelsea Miller ’07, Iowa University
    Sarah Dockery ’07, Rhodes University
    Louise Stevenson ’05, Amherst
    Katherine Brooks ’03, Stanford University
    Shari Barnett ’03,  Davidson
    Marlena Reese ‘99,  Wake Forest University
    Betty Barr ’75, Ursinus College
  • Golf

    Amber Hardeman ’09, Dartmouth College
  • Lacrosse

    Maddy Charest, '21, Tufts University
    Lauren Stallings, '21, Sewanee: The University of the South
    Mary Gum, '20, Amherst College
    Evan Johnston, '20, Syracuse University
    Margaret Woodberry, '20, Brown University
    Reid Cohen ’19, Pitzer 
    Ariyanna Easter ’19, Southwestern University
    JoJo Gum ’19,  Yale 
    Lizzie Benedict ’18, University of North Carolina
    Emily Fuller ’18,  Bowdoin
    Kate Love ’17,  Penn State University
    Emily Stallings ’17, University of Southern California                        
    Hailey Mount ’16,  Whitman College
    Maggie Fobare ‘12,  Northwestern University
    Taylor Thornton ’09,  Northwestern University
    Haley Huffines ’08, U Lafayette
    Caroline Smith ’08, Stanford
    Sarah Jonson ’07, William & Mary
    Kelsey Ferguson ’07, University of Denver
    Sarah Kirchhofer ’04, Duke University
    Megan McClain ’04, Stanford University
  • Soccer

    Swiler Boyd ’19,  Acadia 
    Trinity Thomas ’18,  Harvard
    Mimi Asom ’15, Princeton University
    Hanna Fobare ’10, Clemson University
    Haley Williams ’09, Rice University
    Raven Tatum ’08, Texas A&M
    Megan Cassidy ’08,  University of Pennsylvania
    Alicia Crawford ’07,  United States Naval Academy
    Lindsay Campbell ’07, Indiana
    Katie Cummisky ’07, Cornell University
    Ashley Bolden ’07,  Oklahoma
    Katherine Lagow ’05,  Louisiana State University
    Sarah McCall ’05, Lehigh
    Pilar McDonald ’03,  Williams
    Cameron Hardesty ’03, Davidson
    Lea Lafield ‘03,  Vanderbilt
    Cassidy Acuff ’01, Purdue/UTD
    Anne Crane ’99, Central Tennessee
  • Softball

    Madison Stringfield, '20, Rhodes College
  • Swimming

    Estelle Fisher, '21, Washington and Lee University
    Abby Tchoukaleff, '20, Providence College
    Ellie Pfeiffer ’17,  Colorado College
    Spindrift Beck ’09, University of Texas
    Meaghan Wtters ’08, Yale University  
    Leslie Crozier ’75, Stanford University
  • Tennis

    Fernanda Suarez ’18,  Endicott College
    Chelsea Watanambe ’17, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Maura McCrary ’15, Sewanee University
    Mason Strickland ‘13, Texas A&M 
    Connor Thomas ’11,  Sewanee University
    Stephanie Do ’08, University of Pennsylvania
  • Track & Field

    Kate Clark, '21, Boston College
    Emma Simons, '21, Tulane University
    Alyssa Taylor, '21, Tulane University
    Justice Coutee-McCullum ’19, Rice
    Sophie Isom ’18,  Yale
    Jasmine Jin ’16, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Anna Buford ’16,  Amherst
    Claudia Hammond ’15,  South Carolina
    Harper Clouston ’15,  Emory
    Charlsea Lamb ’15, Rice
    Tessa Granowski ’11, University of Southern California
    Brooke Granowski ’10, Carleton             
    Jackie Guevel ’10, Carnegie Mellon
    Melissa Sullivan ’08,  Amherst
    Smyth Bitter ’97, Davidson
  • Volleyball

    Halle Blend, '20, California Institute of Technology
    Leilah Smith, '20, Stanford University
    Samantha Toomey ’15,  Carnegie Mellon
    Mackenzie Capetillo ’15, Rhodes College
    Olivia Bailey ’09, Loyola Marymount / SMU
    Kate Squires ’09, Colorado College
    Crystal Jackson ’06, Southwestern University
    Katie McCaney ’06,  William & Mary
    Ally Squires ’05,  Rhodes
    Kelli Sams ’03,  Stony Brook
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