Athletics and Wellness Project

In 2019, Hockaday embarked on an unprecedented effort to update its Land Use Plan with a particular focus on athletics and wellness, grounded in our values. 

Construction of this exciting project was completed in Summer 2023. These new spaces and venues will make a significant, positive impact on Athletics and Wellness Programs for all Hockaday girls from Pre-Kindergarten through Senior year.

The Gupta Family Track & Field, two competition and practice fields oriented in a North-South configuration, a softball diamond, a performance wall, a cross country path that circumnavigates the campus, spectator-friendly event access, and outdoor classrooms will enhance the full experience for students, parents, and families. The new venues also offer gathering spaces for the Hockaday community, including the centrally located Cornerstone Plaza, the Ahmed Family Concessions Pavilion, and a pavilion with a team meeting room and auxiliary training room.

Our Athletics and Wellness programs help students develop a sense of confidence, self-esteem, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and cooperation that prepares them to meet challenges both on and off the field. This visionary approach integrates Athletics across the Hockaday student experience in exciting, new ways.

Athletics at Hockaday

Athletics at Hockaday is both a Cornerstone, built into our foundation from the beginning, and also an essential part of contemporary Hockaday student life.

Project Overview

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