29 Musicians Selected for TPSMEA Ensembles

TPSMEA, founded in 1992, is an organization of over 200 private school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education. High school students from all over Texas prepare and audition to participate in the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) All-Region and All-State festivals. This year, 29 Hockaday students were selected for TPSMEA Ensembles: 16 students for All-Region Choir; 4 for All-State Choir (All-State Finalists are denoted with an asterisk); 10 for All-State Orchestra; and 3 for All-State Band. Congratulations to the following Hockaday Upper School students:
Sofia Abel ’22
Kate Borson ’22
Shayle Cruz ’21
Charlotte Ding ’21
Sienna Ellis* ’22
Sydney Ghorayeb ’22
Layo Isaacs-Sodeye ’24
Sidney Kronbach* ’22
Cristiana Miele ’22
Izzy Page ’21
Laya Ragunathan* ’24
Leah Segal ’21
Neha Senthil-Kumar ’23
Mia Silver ’21
Madeline Sumrow* ’22
Airu Weng ’22
Liya Chen ’23
Faith Choi ’21
Madeline Chun ’23
Angelina Dong ’24
Christina Dong ’24
Victoria Li ’23
Julia Luo ’22
Bridget Qiu ’24
Riley Yuan ’23
Susan Zhang ’21
Lynn Jung ’21
Kyulee Kim ’22
Emma Zhao ’24
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