Annual Fund

Alumnae Annual Fund Campaign

Our alumnae community has a strong tradition of
supporting the Annual Fund. This year, our goal for
alumnae participation is 35 percent. 
Alumnae support is a vital part of the Annual Fund campaign. Gifts from alumnae help us continue to provide an excellent education for current students, allow us to offer superb fine arts and athletics programs, and make a difference in our ability to continually fulfill the mission of the School. No matter the amount, your gift to Hockaday makes an impact today. Your gift to the Hockaday Annual Fund is a gift toward the future of each and every Hockadaisy. Make your gift now, and watch our daisies grow.

Reunion Giving

Is this year your reunion year? If your class ends in "3" or "8", join us at Alumnae Day 2018 and celebrate your reunion. It will be a day to reunite with old friends and classmates and reflect on how Hockaday has helped shape who you are today.

Celebrate your reunion year by making a special gift in honor of this milestone. Reunion classes are vital contributors to the Annual Fund, accounting for a large percentage of the total amount given by alumnae.

The contributions current Hockaday students make to the future are shaped by the contribution you make today. Make your gift to the Annual Fund today and help your class reach 100 percent participation.

Contact Your Class Agent

Click here for information on how to contact your class agent. Your class agent acts as a liaison between you and the School. Whether fundraising or communications, your class agent strives to keep you connected to Hockaday. 

2017-2018 Alumnae Leadership Giving Committee

Pam Hudnall Quarterman '72  
Alumnae Association President

Candace Campbell Swango '84 
Alumnae Association President-Elect

Christen Levering Redlich '03 
Alumnae Association Vice President – Development

Tracy Ruff Bakshi ’92

Jennifer Branson '03 
Janie Dunne Cooke '85 
Nancy Fallen '92  
Fallyn Gray Jones '01 
Abby Hoak-Morton '05  
Kelsey Swingle Robertson '05  
Stephanie Swingle '03 
Margretta Wikert '05 

2016-2017 Champagne Cup Results

The Champagne Cup is awarded each year to the classes with highest participation and giving.
Class of 1957: 87%
Reunion Volunteers:
Caro Alexander Stalcup
Carol Alexander Vesey

Class of 1997: 53%
Reunion Volunteers:
Alicia Carter Johnson
Courtney Jones Johnson
Kristin Pittman Ortega

Class of 1972: $81,955
Reunion Volunteers:
Penny Tower Cook
Missy Gunn Falchi
Christie Kelton Leach
Vicki Vandeveer Moore

Class of 1992: $37,182
Reunion Volunteers:
Julie Flamant Hamilton
Lynde Jones Schoellkopf


Class of 2007: 51%
Class Agents and Reunion Committee:
Natalie Bornowski Proctor, Fundraising
Merritt Conway, Reunion Committee
Laurence Glasscock, Reunion Committee
Katherine Novinski, Reunion Committee
Anna Simon, Communications
Olivia Trevino, Reunion Committee

Class of 2014: $51,195
Class Agents:
Dominique Cooper, Communications
Caroline Cotten, Fundraising
Alexis Jones, Communications
Emily Marucci, Communications

Junior College Classes: 66% Overall
Class Agents:
Mildred Alexander Greenstreet '49JC,
Betty Taylor Cox '52JC,
   Communications and Fundraising

Junior College Classes: $2,215 Total
Class Agents:
Mildred Alexander Greenstreet '49JC,
Betty Taylor Cox '52JC,
   Communications and Fundraising
Participation Goal: 35%
“I appreciate the education I received at Hockaday. I want to continue supporting the School so that more young women are given the same, if not better, opportunities.”
- Pippa Eltringham Zimmerman ’93

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